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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" -- George Orwell
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Written in the 'sky'
by cleaves Wednesday, Mar 26 2008, 9:44pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Hashim Thaci, ‘PM’ of the illegitimate ‘nation/pretend state/pipeline corridor,’ Kosovo, is known to Interpol and most police agencies in Europe as an organised crime figure – a reputation he earned from his long standing interests in drug smuggling, sex slavery, arms dealing and other sordid criminal activities. Thaci is also a cold-blooded murderer and is therefore the perfect choice for America to install as ‘leader’ of the stolen Serbian province of Kosovo – some things you just can’t hide, Uncle!

America, however, has long since ceased to care what other nations think of its illegal activities, which include illegal detention, torture, pre-emptive illegal warfare and plunder – Bush recently referred to the high cost of Iraq’s “treasure” (OIL!)

The truth of (STOLEN) “treasure” is a long way from the LIES of WMD, but at least the truth is now openly admitted by the Texan puppet president; however, the admission comes at a time when the US population could care less, but what of the rest of the world?

Put simply the world views America as a criminal, invasive nation, causing death and destruction – a holocaust in the case of Iraq -- wherever it goes, one look at the evening news verifies the fact!

America and its allies have lost all credibility as protectors and stewards of civilised values; the moral high ground is a vacant lot at the moment! Any nation that chooses to support law, order and justice around the globe would attract an avalanche of popular support from people everywhere -- an interesting prospect for an astute (internationalist) politician!

The people of the world are tired of the obvious hypocrisy and double standards that plague nations and society today; America and its puppet allies have reduced life to a living hell.

Historians know that it is circumstances that create major world events. The ‘ground’ today is fertile for the emergence of a strong leader of character and INTEGRITY; a humanist leader is guaranteed to attract a tidal wave of support from all people around the globe. Present world events beg that outcome and there is nothing anyone can do about it; shoot one and another stronger leader will automatically take his/her place – call it an evolutionary change if you wish, but it’s inevitable!

Sordid characters like Thaci, Bush and their criminal supporters are fully aware their days are numbered, they are living on borrowed time!

The world has outgrown these criminals and the type of rule they represent!

We are ONE!

Rally to that call when it is sounded from the parapets and roof tops; purify the world and rid it of the criminal filth that has stolen the seats of power in almost every nation on the planet.

The death of nation states is near indeed! Rally as ONE and overwhelm the criminals and murderers whose only gift to the world is HELL!

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