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Nuclear strike Imminent
by major mitchell Saturday, Mar 22 2008, 9:21pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Current tensions in world affairs make a nuclear strike in the very near future almost a certainty. The current lopsided state of play favours the NATO/US alliance, as is evident with NATO’s accelerating expansionist policies. Absorbing smaller nations, especially those formerly under Soviet influence, is the latest tactic of aggression against Russia, Serbia and to a lesser extent China.


The situation is of course intolerable and something has to give – the only balancing factor available at present is a devastating ‘terrorist’ nuclear strike on a major NATO capital city! Of course that would precipitate a nuclear exchange, so in whose interest is it to create such a confrontation – I wonder?

Such an ‘event’ would certainly level the playing field and solve a multitude of problems, the winner by sheer force of numbers would be Asia/Africa – the North American continent and Western Europe would be obliterated. However Africa and Asia would have many survivors and a new world cycle could begin without fuckin’ America, the spoiler!

I am aware the above reads like a joke but allow me to enlighten you on the mental state of our NATO ‘friends.’ The following quote is extracted from a report written by five generals – who are obviously in need of medication – nevertheless, these people have been allowed to take the reigns of power and determine OUR collective future!

"The first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation as the ultimate instrument to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction, in order to avoid truly existential dangers."

"What is needed is a policy of deterrence by pro-active denial, in which pre-emption is a form of reaction when a threat is imminent, and prevention is the attempt to regain the initiative in order to end the conflict."

"Regrettably, nuclear weapons – and with them the option of first use – are indispensable, since there is simply no realistic prospect of a nuclear-free world. On the contrary, the risk of further proliferation is imminent and, with it, the danger that nuclear war fighting, albeit limited in scope, might become possible. This development must be prevented. It should therefore be kept in mind that technology could produce options that go beyond the traditional role of nuclear weapons in preventing a nuclear armed opponent from using nuclear weapons. In sum, nuclear weapons remain indispensable, and nuclear escalation continues to remain an element of any modern strategy."
If anyone has something to add be my guest – we are busy with the final stages of deploying three ‘mini’-nukes; everything is relative but the mission is sure to succeed.

Smaller, weaker nations have no choice but to force larger nations to confront each other – but you were all warned!

The problem is that no one will really know who or what is responsible – maybe the generals have something – it's better to pre-empt the pre-empters, bombs away!

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