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Retrograde Anglicanism exemplified by Sydney Archbishop
by fish Saturday, Mar 22 2008, 12:50am
international / theology / commentary

It’s Easter, celebrated with eggs, sweet breads and other PAGAN fertility symbols, all of which herald the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere; a time of growth, renewal and regeneration – a very important event for early agrarian societies. However, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, ‘Dr’ Peter Jensen, seems to be unaware of the pagan origins of Easter celebrations; his Easter message this year contained a warning of the dangers of the “occult” or PAGAN RELIGION!

Archbishop Jensen
Archbishop Jensen

Perhaps a little research would have saved the insular ‘Doctor’ from making an embarrassing display of his ignorance and isolationist life. His message, however, is of value to modern psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists; it clearly indicates the irrelevance of an antiquated, spiritually bankrupt religion and a superstitious, if not pathological, mindset!

Archbishop Jensen, talking on ABC radio, referred to the popularity of “new age religions” – yet there are no new ‘religions’ to speak of, same cults same major religions! He also referred to that “mind and spirit stuff” and “all the sort of stuff you see very prominently in book stores.” Very ‘alarming’ “stuff” no doubt; “book stores,” for heavens sake, soon they’ll be boiling our children in oil and eating them! Get a bloody grip you insular, bourgeois, ultra-conservative, analist! We recommend short walks in the beginning then tentative forays into society at large; we wouldn’t want the good Doctor to suffer shock-induced catatonia!

We note in the New Testament that Jesus frequented inns (bars) and consorted with drunks, whores and social outcasts. The conservative religionists of the day accused him of drunkenness (wine bibber) based on the company he kept. Unlike modern Christian theologians, Jesus Christ was not afraid to ‘get down and get dirty’ on the streets – ‘how distasteful, darling!’

Jensen inferred the occult problem is somehow related to the “large intake of migrants into this country!” A ‘dyed in the wool,’ Howard voter if ever there was one! You transparent racist, Doctor Jensen! We should have known it was the migrants who introduced their dirty superstitions into our pure ‘Aryan’ minds! Jensen added that “a surprising number of people therefore who are now living in Australia are quite concerned about, and fearful of I think, of this supernatural realm.” Perhaps a ‘Kristallnacht’ is warranted Mr Adolf Jensen? Deport the bloody lot of them, we don’t need this migrant filth polluting our sensitive ‘stralyan’ culture!

It is noteworthy that Jensen refers to the “supernatural realm”, whatever that is? He also uses space cadet (borderline schizophrenic) terminology such as “spiritual vacuum,” “supernatural visitor,” dangerous “evil spiritual forces” etc, [link provided]. We are aware of this terminology from the lexicon of psychosis and mental disease; perhaps if Doctor Jensen gave us his detailed definition of these terms would be able to either prescribe much needed medication or dismiss him as an unbalanced, anal, conservative racist!

Nonetheless, we thank you for your extremely revealing Easter message, Mr Jensen; you clearly indicate why it is that Christianity has fallen out of favour with the majority of people!

We are keen to separate the Sydney Anglicans from the mainstream; their antiquated, extreme conservative views are second only to a dangerous and warped Christian cult known as the Exclusive Brethren! It is little wonder that their form of ‘Christianity’ has no appeal whatsoever!

We note that Jesus was a radical preacher who opposed the conservatives of his day. Immediately after his trials in the desert he took his teaching to the streets.

The plot of the Gospels is a radical teacher setting out on foot for the religious capital of his nation to overthrow the existing order of corrupt, decadent, conservative priests. The fact that the Jewish priest class no longer exists and that millions now follow the simple message of universal love and brotherhood expounded by this radical teacher, would indicate that Jesus was successful in his mission and that conservative theologians like Jensen have a lot to learn.

There is nothing supernatural in this universe; however, IGNORANCE, mental disease, and perverse behaviours are social realities. The problem is not with the teachings of the radical reformer, Jesus, it is clearly with the Church and its leaders!

An abundant and bountiful Easter to everyone!

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