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Osiris and the Golden (Solar) phallus of ‘resurrection’
by fish Friday, Mar 21 2008, 12:55am
international / theology / commentary

An Easter message

Easter! It’s that time of year again when Christian leaders (hypocrites) make public appearances and drivel religious inanities or refer to impossible social behaviours that no human being is able to observe for an extended period -- the flesh truly is weak! So weak in fact that it cannot fly (walk on water) or take life again after it has expired! Yet he is ‘risen’ indeed!

Osiris, Lord of the underworld
Osiris, Lord of the underworld

All human mammals born via the vaginal canal, including Jesus Christ, have numerous things in common two of which are the inability to fly unaided or overcome physical mortality – I choose my words carefully as I am a believer in the Johnny-come-lately ‘God,’ Jesus Christ, BUT I am neither a child nor a feeble-minded fantacist! The myth and symbolism of the Christian res-ERECTION begins with the Egyptian solar-phallic deity Osiris, Lord of the underworld, judger and liberator of souls!

Short papers do not afford the luxury of details -- a wealth of material, tracing the source of all solar phallic Gods including Jesus Christ to Egypt exists for the interested researcher; however a brief sketch is required here. After the murder and dismemberment of Osiris by his brother Set (satan) the murdered God’s sister/wife/consort, Isis, managed to locate and re-assemble the scattered pieces of his body, with the exception of the phallus! Lacking the God’s original phallus, Isis fashioned a phallus from ‘gold’ and attached it to her dead husband. She was able to bring him back to life and bear their Son, Horus; thus verifying the life-giving power of the golden (solar) phallus!

The daily cycle of the sun is clearly depicted in the Osiris myth, the descent into the abyss/darkness/underworld and the re-emergence to a new dawn. The Osiris myth is complex and contains many facets; however, conquering the underworld (death) and re-emerging as the life-giving principle is central and indispensable to the myth.

The transposition of Egyptian myths (learning) to Hellenistic culture had been occurring for some time prior to the birth of Jesus. The most popular religion of educated ruling Greek, Roman and Egyptian elites of the time was the Dionysian cult. Dionysus also preceded Jesus as a resurrected phallic deity of supernatural birth. However, his cult had evolved to incorporate life-death symbolism into ritual practice. Psychological transcendence was achieved utilising wine, dance and orgiastic means. The cult/religion was extremely popular, and even elicited a response in the New Testament, Jesus claiming that He was the “true vine,” the plant sacred to Dionysus. The Dionysian cult remains with us today in the form of ecstasy-popping dance raves and other forms of informalisation and release.

Religious texts, as with all human knowledge, issue from the all-to-human condition; they are all entirely mundane and terrestrial in origin yet they aspire, as humans have always aspired, to re-unite or re-engage with the infinite principle that ‘creates’ everything. Truly, there is nothing new, fantastic or mysterious under the religious sun. We are all products of infinite creation. Locked in the deepest recesses of our being is the memory of who/what we really are. No one can add to or subtract anything from infinity; wherefore is the need for corrupt, perverted and parasitic priests/clerics?

The Christ myth is a composite of all the Gods of fertility/Life and resurrection that have gone before it – as to the historical character, Jesus, he clearly set out to reform a thoroughly corrupt, stratified and materialistic society.

All Gods of renewal and res-erection/resurrection teach us that we share the same mortality-immortality as they. The moralistic aspect of religion was to keep society regulated with appropriate prohibitions and behavioural codes. There are no mysteries in that regard! Not a lot has changed in the human condition since the time of Jesus; show me a religionist (today) and I will show you a brazen hypocrite!

The central message of all major religions is to seek and re-engage the renewing power of infinite creation.

For those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear the liberated soul has no need of religion!

Dionysus, God of the vine
Dionysus, God of the vine

Atavisms of Austin Osman Spare
Atavisms of Austin Osman Spare

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