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A faint glow on the horizon
by peptide Sunday, Mar 16 2008, 10:19pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

China’s inaction after the deliberate bombing of its Embassy in Belgrade by US president, Bill Clinton in 1999 – the year WWIII actually began – has invited further assaults on Chinese sovereignty by America. However, the latest assault utilises a proxy to provoke political unrest and destabilise the ethnically imbalanced Tibetan region. A formula that worked to perfection most recently in Kosovo!


Fresh from its perceived ‘victory’ in Kosovo the American/western alliance rolls on with its widely known mission to militarily neutralise China and Russia -- the only two nations capable of obstructing America’s push for world domination!

China has failed to learn the lessons of its own culture, particularly the lessons outlined by Sun tzu, in his Art of War. It is a bitter irony for China that the West applies the methods of an ancient Chinese general to defeat the rapidly emerging new China, a nation that is so infatuated with its own ‘face’ it fails to see the gun pointing at its head!

There is no doubt the latest ‘demonstrations’ in Tibet have been carefully organised by the Dalai Fraud and America to compromise China at a most sensitive time -- the approaching Olympics – who would have chosen another time? The Dalai Lama’s recent US visit to finalise plans and accept honours from Bush sent a clear message to everyone it seems except the Chinese who continued to obsess with their Olympic ‘face’ – sport is politics, Mr ‘Han!’

China should have prepared for the present disruption in Tibet soon after the Dalai Fraud’s public embrace of the world’s leading mass murderer, George W Bush. But dim-witted Chinese analysts failed to see the obvious. Now China pays the price for its self-infatuation and negligence – and so it should! Nevertheless, a lesson learnt is an opportunity gained.

The REAL ‘game’ underway at present is WORLD DOMINATION – in case the Russians and Chinese need it spelled out!

The US and its allies have already embraced pre-emptive nuclear warfare as a military option. It is widely known in military circles that the only advantage a nuclear state could gain over another is to reduce the distance missiles are required to travel to reach their targets – ‘speed’ is the essence!

Americans believe their new doctrine of pre-emption and reducing target distances would afford them an advantage in a nuclear exchange -- no doubt it does, notwithstanding the notion is completely INSANE! Nevertheless, it is REAL and needs to be confronted IMMEDIATELY!

IN VIEW OF THE LACK OF RESPONSE TO AMERICAN EXPANSIONISM FROM RUSSIA AND CHINA increasing numbers of smaller, weaker nations are joining NATO, which further weakens China’s and Russia’s position!

The ‘speed’ doctrine allows for no delay or indecision, clearly it is preferable to stop the lunatic sooner rather than later -- another obvious fact that seems to escape the Chinese and Russians!

Nuclear superpowers remain equal at this stage only in a full scale nuclear exchange; the mutually assured destruction (MAD) deterrent of the cold war; however, America is on the brink of tipping the balance and when it does it will not hesitate to strike – PRE-EMPTION, REMEMBER! Surely no military professional believes otherwise.

An EU leader recently stated in an interview when asked what the Russian response would be in relation to the amputation of Kosovo from Serbia; “what can Russia do,” he said in a mocking tone?

Meanwhile NATO continues to expand onto Russia’s borders while China continues to paint its ‘face’ for the forthcoming Olympics.

In any event this entire paper may prove academic as Serbia may force the nuclear issue with a detonation – a renowned tactic of Serbs, similar to the poison dagger that killed the Sultan or the bullet that killed the Archduke!

Make no mistake WWIII began in 1999 with the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia! The only question that remains is which NATO nation will reap the whirlwind?


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