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Balkans at crisis point
by dusan Monday, Mar 10 2008, 10:35pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Washington and its western allies are shitting themselves over the prospect of Serbia asserting its inalienable right over its territories after the formation of a new Serbian government. Whether the west chooses to label Serbs nationalists, liberals, hardliners or brigands is irrelevant – Serbs will never give up Kosovo! Try and understand it is impossible to give up what makes you what you are! Even the thought of losing Kosovo fills Serbs with shame and intolerable humiliation.

By stating that Kosovo will never again be Serbian is effectively demanding that all Serbs everywhere eat shit and become the dogs of the world; a people without an identity or a nation – an impossible request or prospect for anyone to entertain!

The ignorance of Americans is only matched by their arrogance; do ‘Texans’ really imagine they can come to Europe, violate international law and convention, dismember sovereign states, AND DESTROY CULTURES without incurring a HUGE cost? Surely not even the most ill-educated Texan, oil executive or Zionist would labour under that misapprehension!

Allow me to clarify the situation so there is absolutely no misunderstanding – WE WILL NUKE YOU or anyone else WHO THREATENS OUR EXISTENCE, is that clear? You are aware we have the knowledge, resources, capability, the means AND THE WILL to undertake this action!

Under every legal definition available you have declared war on Serbia; your illegal invasion and pathetic attempt to appropriate our territories will of course meet with an appropriate response – one that a smaller nation is forced to employ against a powerful invader. Do you now understand why the nuclear option is necessary – you leave us no choice?

Who or what do you think you’re dealing with? We are a thousand year old European culture forged in the furnace of conflict – we have seen it all before AND WE HAVE PREVAILED.


We welcome the opportunity to shove your AMBO pipeline up your collective arses – the world (excluding Americans) is aware of the truth surrounding the Balkan invasion. How much are you able to offer the outsourced security forces to forfeit their lives guarding your pipeline; they will surely die regardless of the amount of amphetamine you ply them with – all drugs or 'combat enhancers' fry and burn-out those who use them. We welcome the opportunity to teach you the way of the warrior – learn it as you die at the hands of our women!

People often ask historians when WWII actually began, whether it was the Polish border ‘incident’ (LIE) or whether it was at the time the Nazis seized power in Germany? We leave that debate to the historians.

However, historians have no doubt when WWIII began – it began in 1999! The question is when will it escalate into a full-blown conflict?

The Nazis thought themselves invincible and so America today; demented sociopathic killers and thieves led both nations into war. The world paid an extremely high price for its inaction then!


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