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Evil empires and disturbed dictators
by goran Wednesday, Feb 27 2008, 11:45am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

This portrait of Hitler speaks volumes; the hysterically effeminate representation was a personal favourite of Hitler’s – much to the consternation of his propaganda/media advisers. The German dictator and mass murderer clearly reveals his aberrant personality by allowing this obviously queer and screamingly effeminate representation to be shown in public. [Hitler’s sexuality is known to have been extremely ‘problematic’ – western propaganda notwithstanding.]

Hitler strikes a pose
Hitler strikes a pose

However, what is relevant for today’s societies is the nature/type of ‘men’ that manage to subvert the democratic process and steal power.

The three obvious examples today are Blair, Howard, and Bush. Not coincidentally these three 'men' led their respective nations in an illegal, pre-emptive war on Iraq!

Recall the orchestrated lies, the ‘45 minute attack capability’ lie from Blair; the ‘aluminium tubing’ for nuclear purposes lie from Howard and the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lie from Bush – these men forged their criminal alliance with an agreed upon strategy of lies and mass deception. The propaganda minister who served them all was none other than Rupert ‘Goebbels’ of News Limited – perhaps Murdoch’s notoriety will exceed that of his predecessor’s – the ubiquity of News Limited would indicate the prospect!

The evil genius who sustained Hitler’s public persona -- a persona that was in stark contrast to Hitler’s troubled, effeminate, real personality -- left a legacy for modern right-wing, conservative ideologues to emulate. The entire world is aware of the ‘handiwork’ of the above three criminal conservatives; millions of dead civilians, millions of displaced persons; a nation ruined and the destabilisation of Eastern Europe -- the last folly promises to bring the war to home town America!

Serbs are superb guerilla fighters, their skills have been developed over a millennium of fighting imperial powers – the assassination of the invading Ottoman Sultan in Kosovo does not augur well for Western invading powers today! Those who fail to heed the lessons of history, are doomed to learn by experience.

America’s stupidity in choosing a widely known organised crime figure, Hashim Thaci, to lead the assault on Serbia reveals the mindless miscalculation that characterises all sociopathic aberrant personalties and ‘would be’ emperors. The Balkans has ruined many powerful Empires in the past; the USA poses little problem today.

Only Europeans are capable of delivering ‘justice’ to the shores of America. This is not Latin America or Asia where criminal dictators and puppet regimes are installed to serve American interests; perhaps it may be necessary to refer to the historical record or to ask former enemies of Serbia how it feels!

The Sultan is DEAD!


Drug dealer, murderer and American puppet, Hashim Thaci
Drug dealer, murderer and American puppet, Hashim Thaci

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