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Legally Justified
by major mitchell Sunday, Feb 24 2008, 10:31am
international / peace/war / commentary

The removal by force, if peaceful requests continue to be ignored, of all foreign invading forces and military bases from Serbian territories is DEMANDED by the people of Serbia! Russia and China are in no position to delay in support of their allies; the U.S. has accelerated its deployment of offensive missile systems in a number of compliant nations – the latest installation is underway in Australia. This installation is clearly designed to target China. The USA has increased its efforts to encircle Russia and China with OFFENSIVE missile weapons systems due principally to the fact that IT HAS NOT MET WITH ANY RESISTANCE! America continues to overtly flout laws, conventions and treaties in its bid for world domination – there is absolutely no doubt of America’s intentions!


In the absence of any offensive or provocative behaviour from either Russia or China, the actions of America are clearly aggressive and provocative – will it take a launch before Russia and China will act? Too late by then, the time for DECISIVE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is NOW – yesterday actually! America is able to convince its reluctant allies to host missile systems by citing the fact that it has not met with any resistance from other superpowers – the POWERS THAT IT TARGETS! A very convincing argument, no doubt!

Serbia is justified under International Law to remove all foreign forces from its territories; the continuing occupation of Kosovo has become intolerable. It is in the interests of Russia and China to assert their presence or face continuing encirclement by American missile systems – do you imagine America will cease its aggressive militarism without firm resistance? Your Generals are absolutely correct in their assessments and warnings – this is no time for indecision, it is time for affirming the sovereign rights of all nations according to LAW; it is time for ACTION! Failure to act will of course result in the acceleration of offensive tactics by the West. Delays by Russia and China weaken their positions and strengthen America’s – Uncle Sam couldn’t be happier!

Kosovo presents a perfect legal opportunity for deliberate, decisive action – take it or perish!

‘For whom does the radium glow? It glows for thee.’

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