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Australia’s great shame is its lack of National Identity
by peptide Saturday, Feb 23 2008, 9:11am
international / peace/war / commentary

The visiting American Secretary of Defence has highlighted the great shame of Australia. The ‘Australian’ foreign Minister, who is clearly out of his depth with the Americans, announced to the uninformed Oz public today that the nation will be participating in the new, uncertain, missile shield technology, which is primarily designed to protect American interests and military installations!

Stephen 'kneepads' Smith
Stephen 'kneepads' Smith

I reiterate in case you missed it, Australia’s ‘Labor’ Party will participate in America’s need to protect American installations and offshore military bases – the cost of course is AUSTRALIA BECOMES A HIGH PRIORITY NUCLEAR TARGET. Let no one misunderstand!

For those not familiar with nuclear warfare a standard ICBM contains approximately 14 nuclear warheads, more than enough for every capital city; so why attract annihilation, Mr Smith? Australia’s best interests are served by neutrality a fact that is obvious to New Zealand and everyone else but not to our spineless and disgustingly servile local politicians!

There is little to gain but everything to lose in acquiescing to the Americans; the world hates them, not us! Why align ourselves as targets, it is simply not in our interests to comply with American dictates.

Open your eyes; is it the Chinese or Russians that are invading other nations and destabilising the world; is it the Chinese or Russians who have killed over one million innocent civilians in a war of plunder and theft? America is the nation that violates International Law and Convention and engages in military expansionism and illegal wars of aggression. It is America that creates enemies everywhere it goes – so why on earth, Mr Smith, do YOU feel the need to conform to the wishes of others, you pathetic little man?

Do not be deceived, the ‘remote’ location of Pine Gap and other American bases provides no protection for the capital cities. A retaliatory response would include the deployment of all 14 or more warheads in every launched ICBM, a literal rain of destruction would result!

China and Russia have shown absolutely no desire to invade other nations or destabilise the world yet America has convinced the Rudd government that it must join it in its aggressive designs on the world. A nuclear war, if it does occur, would be the result of American aggression. Must we further destabilise the world and subscribe to the INSANE AMERICAN IDEOLOGY OF PERPETUAL WAR, which serves only the interests of war mongering military nations.

America has lost supremacy in every area except the military. It seeks to use the last card it has before other nations equal its power.

History has taught us that relative stability prevails only when a number of nations share equal military strength. It is in the world’s interests to halt American aggression and bring it to its senses.

The most primitive and simplistic solution is naked violence, one in which America now delights. Surely we, Australia, and the free world, have evolved beyond the caveman mentality of raw aggression.

It is Australia’s duty to bring the U.S. to its senses, not to join it on the road to desolation and annihilation.

Anyone can do better than our politicians at the present time; shame on Australia for failing to assert its views and remain neutral in a region that is perfectly situated for neutrality.

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