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In these times: a prelude
by person Wednesday, Jan 30 2008, 7:18am
international / social equality/unity / news report

Today’s governments are noted for the contempt they display toward the people. Nations that once held democratic values in the highest regard have succumbed to nasty totalitarian expediencies. Totalitarian nations continue to treat their people harshly and with little tolerance for personal freedoms. Former democratic nations and successful totalitarian nations are undergoing an ideological convergence. Regardless of ideology, however, it is always THE PEOPLE THAT PAY THE PRICE FOR THE INEPTITUDES AND FAILINGS OF THEIR LEADERS. Well, we have had enough, its time for EVERYONE to accept responsibility for their own actions -- that includes Bank Executives, Company CEOs, Financiers, and our politicians.

We are the people OF THE WORLD and we have had enough! Learn this slogan well,
It will either save you or it will be your nemesis.

What gives anyone the right to take the giant's share and leave crumbs for the masses? Are these PIGS/criminals able to justify their incomes and wealth? These masters of duplicity and deception have plunged the world into an economic and military nightmare yet they live above the buffeting of credit, debt, murder and mayhem that they have imposed on others.

The people are required to bear the burden for the failures of the privileged few, WHY? You broke it, you fix it, or pay an EQUITABLE, FAIR price to the people to save the situation. You simply cannot justify your incomes, privilege or tenure in positions of responsibility any longer – your crimes and incompetence have condemned you.

Who bestows the right on the privileged few to avoid responsibility for their actions and to shift the burden of failure onto the people? When we make mistakes we pay, when THEY make mistakes WE PAY – what is wrong with that formula? Who or what do they think they're dealing with?

Who is it that allows non-representative leadership to act with impunity – not the LAW or the people? Who is it that allows incompetent, non-representative leaders to slaughter millions of INNOCENT human beings and plunder untold wealth? Who is it that allows these people to lay waste to entire civilisations and ruin nations? I/WE have news for you, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

You WILL accept responsibility for your actions and you will be required to justify your obscene, ill-gotten wealth, you despicable, murdering, avaricious swine.

THE CHARADE IS OVER; you will answer to the people sooner than you think.


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