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Future Reference – be ready to ACT!
by major mitchell Friday, Jan 18 2008, 10:36am
international / injustice/law / news report

Do it NOW! Collect and file the names, addresses, property holdings, and daily habits of all those responsible for the financial crash, failed illegal wars, assaults on international convention and LAW and the subversion of OUR hard won rights and liberties. SEND THE CRIMINALS A CLEAR MESSAGE, the AXE is about to fall!

Inform the CULPABLE the days of impunity ARE OVER! If the people are forced to accept the responsibility and CONSEQUENCES for their actions then we expect our leaders in government AND IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR to shoulder their responsibility and PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES, ALSO!

What could be fairer, if the law applies to one it applies to ALL -- JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED! Bush, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kissinger, Blair, Howard etc etc MUST ACCEPT responsibility for their destructive actions and be held accountable. Who is it that believes these people to be immune from the LAW? Who would allow these criminals to go unpunished? Please list your names and reasons via the comments link below, WE WOULD ALL LIKE TO HEAR THE FEEBLE EXCUSES!

If social, LEGAL institutions fail society, responsibility automatically falls to the people to restore law and order and see justice done. The ‘line’ of toleration and forbearance has been crossed, the people will ENSURE that JUSTICE is done and those responsible pay for the many crimes and injustices perpetrated against society and the nation.

ALL incompetent leaders, war criminals, captains of deception, corporate PARASITES are advised – YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

[Did YOU really think it would be otherwise?]

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