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Rocking Horse Shit
by cleaves Tuesday, Jan 1 2008, 9:44pm
international / personal development / commentary

A rare commodity indeed but rarer are those who sing the eternal song, the verses of which are imparted, never learnt! Following is an anecdote that may satisfy the mind and appease the need…

A wandering naked ascetic was passing through a small village one day and stopped at a local temple for some food and water. A local monk inquired of him, "what is your teaching?" The ascetic replied, "there is no teaching, no teacher and no one to teach;" then took his leave!

That simple anecdote indicates Truth and is worth more than all the Scriptures on the planet. We are reminded of the Zen adage; “those who speak do not know and those who know do not speak!

A short commentary may assist in understanding.

Cultural or man made knowledge is dependent on language, whether that language is of a graphical or textual nature is irrelevant. All language is culturally produced and is therefore FINITE ie words/images are measurable, they have a beginning and end. However, ultimate reality is INFINITE/immeasurable/continuous.

Infinity cannot be apprehended with finite means as infinity and the finite are mutually exclusive. Therefore we cannot transcend our limitations with limited means, language etc. [There really is nothing to learn or ‘follow.’]

The continuous, perfection or INFINITY cannot be improved upon. We always have been and will continue to be PERFECT and continuous. [Truth only irritates those caught/buffeted by pluralities and trapped by binary values, good-evil, beauty-ugly, right-wrong etc!]

"If not for the notion of beauty there would be no ugliness. If not for the notion of good there would be no evil. Polarities alternate one with the other [qualify each other] and are mutually [dependent] bound in [perpetual conflict] opposition." -- Lao tzu.

Only deluded fools and the ignorant subscribe to binary values!

We are ONE


Culture and 'meaning' find their home in mind – mind and culture are mutually reflexive and re-enforcing. The mind must be abandoned in order to perceive the REAL.

Be brave, be fearless, BE STILL!


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