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Benazir Bhutto killed: what price a human life?
by gan Thursday, Dec 27 2007, 5:42am
international / social/political / news report

Benazir Bhutto shot and killed while campaigning in Rawalpindi yesterday!

Inadequate security measures at a campaign rally allowed an assassin to discharge five shots at Bhutto one of which penetrated her neck killing her. After discharging his weapon the suicide gunman detonated a bomb-belt killing himself and at least ten people in close proximity.

Pervez alive, Benazir dead! Goodbye to both
Pervez alive, Benazir dead! Goodbye to both

Bhutto’s death marks the beginning of the end of CORRUPT DYNASTIC RULE worldwide – take note the Clinton and Bush ruling families!

It is a chill wind that blows from the searing subcontinent today.

We regret the death of Benazir Bhutto and we regret the deaths of thousands of innocent children in Iraq. George W Bush in a most blatant act of hypocrisy condemned the ‘terrorists’ for assassinating Bhutto. What should we call Bush and his coalition partners after their criminal invasion of Iraq, which resulted in one million civilian deaths? What is the appropriate label for John Bolton and Condi Rice for allowing Israeli forces to slaughter hundreds of children in South Lebanon? The world is no longer impressed with the tired rhetoric and propaganda of Bush, Brown and other western leaders.

We regret the many thousands killed by corrupt rulers worldwide. The obscene wealth of the few is a direct result of the exploitation of many. The people of the East are the first of a growing tide to take up arms and fight the forces that enslave, exploit and murder them.

We also regret the partisan western media for not pursuing those guilty of mass murder in Iraq and other regions around the globe. We profoundly regret the callousness of rulers who imagine they are able to exploit their fellow human beings with impunity.

In situations where moral and legal institutions fail to deliver justice the people eventually act. We are witnessing the breakdown of corrupt rule around the globe – this is not an exaggeration!

It is no longer safe for any leader guilty of mass murder and exploitation. We hope you find life pleasing in your walled enclosures and crystal towers! Your ill-gotten wealth only serves to imprison you. Be advised, “no man is an island!”

Bhutto’s death is a clear warning to all corrupt politicians.

REPRESENTATIVE leadership is the only safe course for the future!

Corrupt ruling elites beware it is the beginning of the end of your poisonous and murderous rule – WORLDWIDE.

[Allowing coalition leaders to remain free after their guilt has been exposed to the entire world can only reap an appropriate response.]

We are ONE


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by bilal Thursday, Dec 27 2007, 11:15am

It is very important that all politicians make their positions known on these issues.

We listen to every word that issues from their foul lying mouths in order to know, in order to be close in a most intimate but brief way.

Who or what do you murderers think you are dealing with? Today a turban, tomorrow a cap then a suit .... we do this to be near you, very near. So please speak freely we do not wish to mistake your sentiments or to misunderstand.

Corrupt puppet leaders that no one will miss; George Orwell's PIGS!

Come, speak up ... make yourself known to the world.

You have made an error gan, Bush did not use the term 'terrorist' as did Brown and Australian 'leaders' .... he used the term "extremist," as did Pakistani leaders and UN representatives. Do you know why? 'Terrorist' is an extremely problematic term; it is most often related to civilian deaths, an area in which Bush and his allies excel!

The prize is never taken by the smartest, strongest, quickest, bravest or most skilled -- it is always taken by the most efficient!

Al-Qa'ida sent me to kill Bhutto, says teenager
by Raymond Whitaker via reed - The Independent Saturday, Jan 19 2008, 8:31am

A teenage suspect arrested in Pakistan's lawless tribal areas has told police that he was a member of a team sent by an al-Qa'ida-linked militant leader to kill the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto last month.

Aitezaz Shah, 15, had confessed to investigators he had been part of a five-man squad deployed on 27 December in Rawalpindi, where Ms Bhutto was killed, a senior intelligence official said. Shah said the killers were dispatched by Baitullah Mehsud, a militant leader from the South Waziristan region with strong ties to al-Qa'ida and an alliance with the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan. Shortly after Ms Bhutto's assassination, President Pervez Musharraf's government said it had intercepted a phone call in which Mehsud congratulated the perpetrators. A spokesman for the leader denied the claim.

There were suspicions that the authorities might be seeking to cover up the possible involvement of members of the military or intelligence, but last week, the CIA said it had concluded that people in Mehsud's network, aided by al-Qa'ida, were responsible.

Maulvi Mohammed Umar, a purported spokesman for Mehsud, denied his group had links with Shah, or that he had been dispatched by Mehsud to kill Ms Bhutto, calling the claim "government propaganda".

Ms Bhutto died after an attacker fired at her, then detonated an explosive vest which killed at least 20 other people. The teenager is said to have identified the attacker as "Bilal", [refer previous comment -- coincidence? Ed.] aided by a man called "Ikram". Shah was arrested in Dera Ismail Khan with another suspect called Sher Zaman. He allegedly told officials he had been ordered to carry out a suicide attack on a Shia mosque there today during the feast of Ashura, and Zaman was to give him an explosive vest.

On Friday, the military said that up to 90 Islamic militants aligned with Mehsud had died in clashes with Pakistani troops in South Waziristan.

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