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Rice: wishful thinking or divorced from reality?
by cveta Friday, Dec 21 2007, 10:16am
international / peace/war / commentary

A report by David Gollust of VOA makes extraordinary reading given the current situation in Kosovo. Surely not even the rabid Condi Rice would make such emphatic and unrealistic statements as “Serbia and Kosovo will never be part of the same country again, and all those concerned should work for a stable outcome in the Balkans based on that reality.” Professional politicians never say never, Condi, nor do they dictate “reality” in situations where they only have a tenuous toehold, as is the case with America in the Balkans. The ‘toe’ to which I refer is the precariously situated military base, Bondsteel.


Rice’s statement will no doubt be met with the incredulity it deserves; only an idiot American could make such a stunningly stupid announcement – perhaps it is the voice of desperation speaking given the unenvious global situation the U.S. finds itself in at present.

The world is retreating at speed from U.S. created fiascos in the Middle East and Central Asia and given the strategically impossible to defend province of Kosovo -- as are Afghanistan and Iraq -- Rice’s comment would seem to reflect only panic and desperation.

The usual enemies, avarice and corruption, have defeated Imperial America from within. Incredibly inept planning and short term, ‘grab the money and run solutions,’ indicate as much. U.S. power (what is left of it) is rapidly waning around the globe both militarily and economically, the hysterical statements of Rice clearly indicate the fact.

Serbs have already reconciled themselves to a ‘war’ of attrition in the event that their sacred heartland is threatened. They have historically exercised both patience and passion in a strange blend that baffles their enemies – Napoleon’s Russian campaign may assist in appreciating the Russian position on the issue. Though tactics are adjusted to suit the times!

Serbia could care less which nations decide to support secessionist Albanians in Kosovo. It will soon be demonstrated that ‘independence’ for the Serbian province is impossible, given the geopolitical situation.

However, we are somewhat amused by Rice’s use of the term “reality.” Perhaps Rice should seek advice; there is no Serbia without Kosovo! Are we beginning to understand? Therefore the only solution would be the genocidal option as was most recently pursued by the Nazis. There are only six million Serbs in the Balkans and another two million scattered around the globe – genocide is entirely feasible given such a tiny population.

Give it your best shot, Condi, we know you want to do it!

U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice
U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice


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from one bitch to another
by Ljuba Friday, Dec 21 2007, 11:48am

have you ever wondered why Albert Einstein chose, Mileva Maric, a crippled, plain looking Serb for his lover and first wife, Condi?

some people find intellect, competence, tenacity and the unusual turn of mind for which Serbs are known, appealing; but I do not expect American rustics to understand.

You have no idea what you're dealing with!

What is inferred is capability, means, ability, expertise and delivery. Shudder to think of the consequences of making an enemy of an advanced, highly educated, resourceful European culture.

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