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"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear" -- Martin Luther King, Jr
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Xmas Message
by Team - Cleaves Alternative News Thursday, Dec 20 2007, 8:08am
international / social/political / news report

After taking stock of current world realities; climate chaos, Iraq holocaust, infanticide, illegal wars, wholesale flouting of international law and convention, innumerable assaults on human rights, legalised torture, etc, the Cleaves team of reporters, editors and most contributors have collaborated to deliver an appropriate Xmas message for 2007:


Needless to say there will be very little to cheer about in the New Year. We have failed our planet and ourselves; the rewards are CATACLYSM, WARFARE and possibly extinction. Thatís the hard reality, sheeple!

Do we deserve it? You bet we do; we begged for it!

Merry fuckiní Christmas to all and good fuckin' luck!

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