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Kosovo independence: an attempt to weaken Russia
by peptide Thursday, Dec 13 2007, 9:14am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Western powers led by America have been marshalled to support a unilateral declaration of independence by Muslim secessionists in Kosovo sometime in the Spring. Moves by western powers to illegally secure Kosovo’s independence exhibit a sense of urgency and importance, which the tiny Serbian province clearly does not warrant! What lies behind America’s frantic need to support secessionist moves by a loathed Muslim criminal and terrorist organisation?

Putin resurrects Russia
Putin resurrects Russia

Some western nations have become alarmed at Russia’s rapid re-emergence as a world power. After the Yeltsin fiasco the west imagined that Russia was down and out as a major player in international affairs. However, few appreciated the leadership of Putin. Russia today is re-asserting its place in international affairs as a super power; a number of western nations clearly view Russia's growing power in international affairs as problematic and unwelcome.

Western plutocrats mistakenly believed the world would become theirs to rape, pillage, exploit and pollute. I’m extremely pleased to inform the world that Russia has blocked all such perverse plans. However, a new cold war -- soon to become extremely hot -- is now a reality.

By applying extreme political pressure on Russia and Serbia, western powers hope that Muslim groups in Russian territory will also pursue independence. Secessionist moves by these Muslim groups could embroil Russia in a number of costly and protracted internal conflicts, which would weaken Russia's position in world affairs! Iraq provides evidence the U.S. now favours the tactic of de-stabilisation in order to assume a dominant role and facilitate its ambitions.

It is therefore IMPERATIVE that a stand is taken on Kosovo, there is much to lose if secessionists succeed in the Balkans.

Russian forces will not retreat from the Balkans a second time; western forces that imagine otherwise are dreaming.


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by pied Thursday, Dec 13 2007, 11:46pm

The Balkans are being fragmented and reduced to tiny micro states in order to eliminate the possibility of any resistance to the interests of the larger nations of Western Europe. Kosovo is just the latest amputation!

These tiny micro-states are nations in name only -- they are too small to constitute any threat or to assert their wishes. In time they will become the home of the deprived and exploited.

Serbia has been pushed too far and too soon with Kosovo independence. It remains to be seen whether or not the Serbs will fight -- they are capable of taking the fight to the throat of their enemies should they choose to retaliate.

The entire region is acutely aware that recent wars are 'unfinished business' -- perhaps Kosovo secession will act as the match in the powder magazine!

The fact that western nations are foul of international law and convention guarantees continuing instability and unrest in the region.

Kosovo independence is a thorough stupidity, as time will no doubt verify.

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