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Russia sends naval battle group to Mediterranean
by nano Friday, Dec 7 2007, 9:56pm
international / peace/war / commentary

message not lost on Israel and America

China assumes the quiet background role of observer while Russia conducts naval exercises in a show of strength and in support of allies in the region. It seems that one thieving military grab for oil in the region (Iraq) is all the free world will tolerate from America.

A Russian naval carrier group consisting of 47 aircraft, two anti-submarine ships, a guided missile cruiser and a refuelling vessel will utilise Syria's port of Tartus as a port of supply and naval base during exercises.

The battle group will conduct various exercises including simulated and real missile launches.

Iranian oil minister, Gholam Hussein Nozari, took the opportunity to announce that Iranian oil will no longer be traded in US dollars, as the currency had been severely destabilised by the Bush regime.

OPEC leaders will convene to discuss various currency options as a replacement for the US dollar and announce their decision to the world. If the greenback loses its status as the default oil trading currency then America could face economic collapse overnight. The reckless/insane spending of Bush on his ill-planned misadventures would be the major factor that drags the nation under.

Meanwhile the Balkan State of Serbia has made it abundantly clear that it will not accept any declaration of independence by secessionist forces in its province of Kosovo. Furthermore, the existence of a US military base in Kosovo is in flagrant breach of international law and convention. Supported by Russia (and China) Serbia is asserting its sovereign right to maintain territorial integrity.

Ironically, Afghanistan and Iraq have ‘broken the back of the allied insurgency’ – put simply the wars are lost to local warlords and clansmen in both nations.

Reality has finally overwhelmed the “mission accomplished” and “bouquets of flowers” lunacy of the neo-cons.

America’s desire to embrace oblivion promises that the situation will continue to deteriorate – this is the price paid by the American people for their cowardice in allowing the Bush regime to plunge the nation into crippling debt and political jeopardy. The world may yet witness a universally reviled nation razed to the ground!

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