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Free and fair elections, a circus!
by finch Monday, Dec 3 2007, 12:05pm
international / peace/war / commentary

The world has entered a new phase of political charades; you may have heard the platitude, “free and fair [democratic] elections” – that slogan, along with spreading democracy, was incessantly repeated as the second justification for the Iraq invasion/occupation. The WMD lie had served its purpose it was time to move on to the next phase of the planned takeover of Middle East energy resources. But first we should trace a brief history of the charade called ‘free and fair elections.’

Blake's depiction
Blake's depiction

From the American inauguration of computerised (result ensured) voting, to the recent staged-managed elections of Putin’s Russia, to the future rigging of Pakistani elections – voting and elections in the 21st century could best be described as circuses!

If anyone took the trouble to follow the evolution of computerised voting and its failure outside the USA, one would have been rewarded with wry delights and much humour. Kids and IT professionals in Europe had a field day breaching ‘security’ implementations in ‘dedicated’ voting systems by demonstrating to the world how easily these systems could be made to play chess!

Populations outside America refused to be treated as chumps and forego the last remaining symbol/vestige of democracy, the right of the people to select a leader (from candidates offered to them by vested interests -- roaring laughter from near and far!)

Kids in Europe had 'dedicated' computer-voting systems playing chess in less than hour – a bit of an anti-climax as most people outside the USA were already aware that Dubya’s last two elections were fixed.

Aware of the Russian people’s cynicism, shrewdness and scepticism, Putin opted for socially managed election outcomes. There is no denying the popular Russian leader would have won a huge victory regardless, but he needed over 70% of the vote to ensure an increased presence and powers and so good ol’ intimidation and incentives were utilised to guarantee an outcome.

Our bet for the Pakistani ‘free and fair’ elections will be some sort of US trick but the people will openly revolt if the outcome does not reflect the popular vote/choice; of this you can be sure – good luck, Uncle!

Down here in Oz we stick to the tried and proven tradition of selecting our leader from two candidates who serve the same interests – the people live in the belief that they have exercised their rights and the plutocrats continue to rule the nation unimpeded.

The sheeple would probably forego their right to vote if the results were acceptable but ‘free and fair elections’ in Iraq have produced a non-representative, puppet government – fancy that! Russia however, has produced the best option/leader the nation had to offer. Regardless of the outcome of Oz elections the nation remains servile to America, a very bad choice of colonial master as America is careering to its own ‘cleverly’ engineered destruction!

Not a lot to be said in favour of the free and fair electoral processes of 21st century ‘democracies,’ especially in consideration of the fact that the world’s most successful nation, China, does not allow the common sheeple to select its leaders. China today is an amazing success story in every sense except human rights yet it is the ‘free and fair’ democracies of the coalition of the willing that hold the WORLD record for crimes against humanity with an ongoing holocaust in Iraq that has already claimed over one million innocent civilian lives and displaced over four million other persons! I warn American readers and religious hypocrites alike, the infant death toll in Iraq has reached up to the Lord of Sabaoth! There is no worse crime on this earth than infanticide.

“A curse is on him who is building his house by wrongdoing, and his rooms by doing what is not right; who makes use of his neighbour without payment, and gives him nothing for his work;” -- Jeremiah 22:13

It’s YOUR RELIGIOUS TEXT, you most despicable, murdering, hypocrites – justice is always served, especially to nations that drink the blood of little children in order to enjoy their gluttonies and opulence.

This is America as defined by its own creeds, actions and belief systems:

Revelation 17:5-6

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.”

Revelation 18:
“Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen… she shall be utterly burnt with fire… Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgement come… And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her… for in one hour is she made desolate.”

There is only one nation that has the blood of so many innocents on its hands today and has corrupted an entire world with perverse material values at the cost of so many innocent lives!

Enjoy what you think you have achieved through your machinations and murders. Your book describes a fitting end.

In ONE HOUR WILL YOU BE REDUCED to ASHES! A concerted continental nuclear attack from Russia and China to rid the world of its filth! [They are now aware there is no choice, regardless of cost.]

But I suppose I must first detonate this ‘thing’ in New York City.



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Putin loyalists to hold sway in Russia parliament
by Christian Lowe via rialator - Reuters Monday, Dec 3 2007, 6:28pm

MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin's supporters will enjoy complete control over Russia's next parliament, a tally from Sunday's election showed, giving him a solid power base after he leaves the Kremlin.

Russia also hit out at foreign complaints that the parliamentary vote, which handed a landslide win to Putin's United Russia party, was unfair. It said these amounted to "slogans" not backed up by hard facts.

Election commission chairman Vladimir Churov said the election will translate into 315 seats for United Russia in the 450-seat parliament, while two parties sympathetic to the Kremlin will between them have a further 78 seats.

Putin, 55, has said he expects to maintain a grip on power after he steps down next year in line with a constitutional two-term limit.

Analysts say control of parliament will give him the clout to exercise influence without the trappings of presidential power. They speculate he could become the chamber's speaker.

The pro-Putin contingent in the next parliament will be big enough to change the constitution -- something analysts say Putin may seek to do to carve out a powerful role for himself when he steps down early next year.

Putin ran in the election as No. 1 on United Russia's election slate. The result confirmed his popularity as a leader who has overseen robust economic growth, and helped restore Russia's national pride.

United Russia had 297 seats in parliament at the end of the outgoing parliament.

Churov told reporters the nationalist LDPR party will have 40 seats and Fair Russia 38 seats in the new chamber. Putin can count on both those parties for support. The opposition Communists will have 57 seats.


The constitution bans Putin from serving a third consecutive term. Russians and foreign investors are still seeking answers to the key questions of what he will do when his term ends next year, and whom he will endorse to replace him.

An international observer mission said Sunday's vote was marred by one-sided media coverage and the use of government resources to favor pro-Kremlin parties.

In a statement issued late on Monday, Russia's foreign ministry, said that assessment "gave rise to serious doubts."

"The Russian side will carefully study all views and recommendations that have been made with the aim of taking them properly into account -- in those cases where this is appropriate."

But it said a joint statement by observers from democracy watchdogs the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe contained "a collection of slogans not backed up with any hard facts."

Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by Richard Balmforth

© 2007 Reuters

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