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"Global political awakening is historically anti-imperial, politically anti-Western, and emotionally increasingly anti-American." -- Zbigniew Brzezinski
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The Failed Ape
by nano Thursday, Oct 25 2007, 7:30pm
international / environment / commentary

A UN study group has just delivered a clear warning to HUMANKIND – in this case late is not better than never! For the past few decades specialists have been heard sounding exactly the same alarms/warnings from the modern wilderness. However, certain COMMERCIAL interests have muted the warning cries of concerned scientists and environmentalists. The most recent example is George W Bush favouring reports from oil company friendly ‘scientists’ refuting the effects of industrial, petro-chemical pollution on the planet’s climate and sensitive eco-systems. These delaying tactics only postponed the inevitable – runaway global warming and environmental chaos!


We need not labour the point; avarice, selfishness and criminal corruption comes at a cost – the world is re-discovering that REAL VALUE cannot be measured by money. We are about to pay the ultimate cost for our greed, sloth and lack of integrity -- EXTINCTION! Are we beginning to re-adjust our values in favour of LIFE yet?

The present world economic system, to which all governments slavishly pander, is not the solution it is the problem. However, no one has the courage to alter the suicidal status quo.

Those old enough to remember a folk song of the 60’s lamenting the baser characteristics of humankind may recall the chorus, “when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?” It seems never! GREED has overruled every other human trait/emotion including love and the appreciation of Peace! Consequently the human race now teeters on the edge of destruction.

Some would say a job ‘well done’ and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving species but unfortunately all life on earth is now affected – well done indeed!

Rather than propose solutions or divulge privileged information to an undeserving population, a demonstration of the power of prophecy may be warranted. What fate awaits nations that are unable to remove known criminals from seats of power and influence? The lies of the Iraq invasion are now public knowledge yet the leaders of the criminal coalition of willing mass murderers not only remain free but also continue to lead nations. We simply ask, as a matter of predictive methodology, if a population is unable to arrest flagrant war criminals and hold them accountable how could it possibly rescue itself from environmental calamity – a task that requires considerably more effort and dedication? And you thought that complacency/slavery came without a price!

Now ask yourselves whether you have earned the right to survive.

war criminals
war criminals


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