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The Real Masters of War
by zoran Saturday, Oct 20 2007, 12:22am
international / peace/war / article

Consider the very real possibility of a persecuted European nation waging a covert guerilla war against the most powerful forces on the planet and prevailing. Many would be surprised to learn that the real masters of war are the most unlikely nations. The three nations proven to excel in covet, guerilla wars of attrition are Afghanistan, Serbia and Vietnam the historical record bears this out. Not surprisingly these nations have been at war for most of their history not by choice but by circumstance. It seems their strategic locations have doomed them to a history of constant struggle and conflict; and nothing has changed today!

Imperial powers today have violently intervened in both Afghanistan and the Balkans for the usual reasons. However, these powers have failed to learn from history; therefore they are doomed to repeat it.

European colonial powers of the past were all forced to relinquish their colonial territories for various reasons. Oblivious to the past and the historical record the very young and naive nation of America imagines it can succeed where other imperial powers have failed; however, to date its record is one of abysmal failure in every respect.

America has succeeded in ruining its economy, needlessly causing the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and earning the enmity of the civilised world yet it seeks to engage Serbia in warfare -- notwithstanding its current involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq!

Exactly what type of war does America think it will face when it seeks to wrest power from the Serbian people? Will it face conventional land, sea and air battles or will it suffer at the hands of invisible operatives who strike at the very heart of the invader, wherever and whenever they choose? America and its citizens will be shown the same mercy they display toward others none! Carpet bombing two million Indo-Chinese civilians and causing the deaths of over one million innocent Iraqis, sets the standard!

Understand this well, if you foolishly decide to provoke Serbia into warfare you will be fighting a highly sophisticated, experienced and hardened EUROPEAN guerilla force able to blend into any western society and launch devastating, paralysing attacks strategically planned to do the most psychological and physical damage. Previous Islamist attacks will be reduced to insignificance overnight. Serbia is a highly skilled and resourceful modern European nation easily able to deal with the inexperienced automatons of modern militaries.

Every nation has the right to defend its territories and people. One rule only applies to aggressive invaders and that rule is, there are no rules!

Conventional warfare died with the twentieth century. The twenty first century belongs to the invisible warriors of the post-modern era.

I will kill you if I must or help you if I can! -- Leonard Cohen


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rude awakenings
by mitchell Saturday, Oct 27 2007, 10:07am

Aussies have a history of fighting other peoples' wars. As a result they have earned an international reputation as highly skilled fighters and foolish meddlers.

A recently slain digger said of the Afghans - another fighting culture - that they should never be underestimated. "They are quite fierce fighters, and they're quite keen to get hold of the coalition. From my experience, they're the hardest enemy we've ever fought."

Afghan history is one of constant warfare -- they are raised to fight foreign invaders, and do so with a ferocity and vengeance unequalled in all Asia.

Australia can expect many more casualties until they learn that invading foreign lands is unwise. Afghans like Australians have a brave history of defending their homes.

The moral right is with the Afghan defenders.

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