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NATO attempts to revive old enmities in Balkans
by Milan Friday, Oct 19 2007, 12:34pm
international / peace/war / commentary

"Sloboda ili Smrt" (Freedom or Death!)

NATO has recently completed joint military exercises with the non-member country of CROATIA. The scenario of the exercises was based on a military action against a ‘breakaway Balkan province’ – give us all a break! This pathetic attempt to revive old enmities between Balkan states and perhaps to utilise Croatia to do the dirty work recalls the very ‘chequered’ history of Croatia’s complicity with Hitler’s Nazis and the war crimes committed by fascist Croats against Serbs.

'Only Unity Saves the Serbs'
'Only Unity Saves the Serbs'

There is no love lost between Croats and Serbs, however, history has taught both Balkan nations, especially Croatia, not to get involved in the machinations of superpowers that wish to utilise old enmities for their own political purposes. Austro-Hungarian rulers often utilised Croats to spearhead insane cavalry attacks and more recently Hitler’s Nazis encouraged Croats to commit the most heinous atrocities against Serbian civilians -- using the decapitated heads of Serbian babies as soccer balls even horrified the cruel SS!

NATO will be forced -- by America -- to contravene international law all by itself; the entire Balkan region is fully aware that KOSOVO is SOVEREIGN SERBIAN TERRITORY and Serbia is justified by every international law in existence to assert its sovereignty and secure its territories and people. Other Balkan nations have no interest in interfering with specific Serbian matters – they have learnt through bitter experience!

Of course NATO, with imbecilic America at the helm, may choose to provoke Serbia and thereby involve Russia! Yes, you fuckin’ political geniuses, we CAN HAVE A THIRD WORLD WAR IN EUROPE IF YOU WISH! Surely by now you should have learnt that Serbia is galvanised into action by precisely these circumstances and events – AGAINST ALL ODDS, remember?

I need not remind you ALL that Serbs have a strong presence in all western nations – particularly in Chicago. They have established themselves as highly successful and wealthy leaders in various fields; however, when faced with the prospect of witnessing the homeland suffer victimisation, oppression and slaughter, who could accurately gauge their reactions? Expatriates remain Serbs for many generations -- hundreds of years of fighting for survival has made it so!

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