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Civil Disobedience and the Australian Cringe
by major mitchell Saturday, Oct 6 2007, 12:55pm
national / social/political / commentary

“In any social context a clear view can only be afforded from a position of detached objectivity,” my trainer in analysis once taught me. The perspective to which I refer in relation to the title is of course the brave monks of Burma who in STARK CONTRAST to their Aussie, cringing, EXTREMELY OBEDIENT protesting cousins, conduct THEIR protests in the tradition of civil disobedience -- a proven method tried and tested over the millennia!


Civil disobedience contrasts the moral right against the moral wrong so effectively the authorities are usually compromised by their reaction to the protest/ers, as has been highlighted in Burma and past successful protests in the West – please refer to the historical record and documentary footage for sobering confirmation!

Protesting a social issue that targets the collective empathy, one that possesses almost archetypal appeal, could only fail if it is badly managed or tactically mishandled, as was clearly the case with the APEC protests in Sydney. Compare asking permission from the authorities to protest then allowing those same authorities to hijack the protest by dragging it into the legal arena before it is even staged with DUMPING A TRUCKLOAD OF WOODCHIPS/PULP AT THE FRONT OF MALCOLM TURNBULL’S HOUSE or OFFICE!

Alerting the salivating dogs of the media immediately after such an action guarantees success and maximum effect/return from a minimal tactical investment – you bunch of CONSERVATIVE socialist, visionless, dead-head, dropkick, lamers! The utter defeat of the APEC action was the result of CONSERVATIVE socialists taking charge of what should have been a strategic victory with the whole world watching – you middle class ANALists!

For fuck’s sake understand the meaning of the two words “CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.” Furthermore, CONSERVATISM is the enemy, in case you haven’t noticed! Allowing ARCH-CONSERVATIVE SOCIALISTS to commandeer anything is fuckin’ ridiculous in today’s world and would almost certainly guarantee failure as has been so clearly demonstrated in today’s social context. THE TACTICAL ADVANTAGES OF ASYMMETRY MUST BE APPLIED IN TODAY’S WORLD if success is to be achieved.

RADICALISM is the worst enemy of conservatism, hint! Confine all future protests to guerilla style actions, needless to say that involves SECRECY not asking permission; and never forget the power of the ‘SURPRISE ATTACK.’ The salivating dogs of the media are easily managed for they cannot resist a CREATIVE EVENT – take your ART to the streets!

A little note for Geoffrey Cousins, one of Howard’s bosses. Everyone is aware you attack Turnbull due to his passionate opposition to your mate, Howard. Your ‘heartfelt’ concern for the Tasmanian wilderness is no doubt extremely convincing in lobotomy circles; however, you have failed to appreciate that you have been effectively manoeuvred and manipulated into assisting our cause – ‘two birds for the price of one stone,’ how does that sound, ad man? Are you able to hear the laughter, you fuckwit? I wouldn’t believe everything ‘I’ hear, Geoff!

As for the rest of us we take our ART/ACTIONS to the streets WITHOUT NOTICE. Lacklustre conservatives are no match for speed, agility, surprise, ASYMMETRY, innovation and other characteristics/qualities of CREATIVE RADICAL minds – good luck you dead losses!


“But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game” – Sympathy for the Devil, Jagger and Richards.

‘Woo hoo!’

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Only children ask 'permission'
by wanderer Saturday, Oct 6 2007, 11:58pm

Imagine Gandhi asking permission to free his nation from colonial rule .. get a grip aussie.

by Saw Yan Naing via novice - IPG Friday, Oct 12 2007, 1:34pm

The Burmese authorities have a new enemy to hunt down—dogs which are roaming Rangoon with pictures of Than Shwe and other regime leaders around their necks.

A resident of Shwegondine, Bahan Township, told The Irrawaddy on Friday that she saw a group of four dogs with pictures of the regime’s top generals around their necks.

Sightings were also reported in four other Rangoon townships—Tharkayta, Dawbon, Hlaing Tharyar and South Okkalapa.

Some sources said the canine protest had started at least a week ago, and was keeping the authorities busy trying to catch the offending dogs. “They seem quite good at avoiding arrest,” laughed one resident.

Associating anybody with a dog is a very serious insult in Burma.

Spray-painters are also at work, daubing trains with the words “Killer Than Shwe” and other slogans.

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