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The Pig grunts: songs of war and avarice
by peptide Sunday, Sep 16 2007, 4:20pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Not a lot has changed, has it? The excuse for launching the Crusades was to protect the ‘Holy Land’ from the heathen, the truth, however, was pillage and destruction of the Eastern Orthodox church, which rivalled Rome in influence and affluence. The Byzantine Empire was rich in gold but lacking in political cunning – and so it was crushed and plundered much to the joy of the Pope and the Catholic hierarchy of the time.

That long bloody war was simply a money and power grab. The Pope’s personal troops/mercenaries, the Templars, became extremely rich and powerful from the wealth they ‘acquired’ in the Middle East -- they too required eliminating in time. Another Pope was forced by the Kings of Europe and his own treasury to obliterate the Templars, who controlled most of Europe via their banking and other financial interests. Nobility and Royalty took great offence at being held to account by lower class mercenary scum! The Pig’s grunt is not an unfamiliar sound in human history.

The Second World War was waged for economic reasons; Germany could no longer tolerate the injustices of oppressive treaties after WWI. Hitler couldn’t have achieved anything without the bankers and industrialists supporting his expansionist military pursuits – the territories Hitler conquered were rich in resources that Germany lacked, grunt!

Today the Israelis and their allies in Washington are rehearsing for a major air strike on Iran, Syria and other pockets in the Middle East. Make no mistake; democracy is just another ‘indulgence’ sold to the masses that have never been aware of the real intentions and machinations of their rulers.

A formerly respected Federal Reserve banker, Alan Greenspan, in a desperate effort to boost sales of his memoirs, stated that the Iraq illegal invasion was ‘largely’ an oil grab! It wasn’t the ‘news,’ but Greenspans revelation that surprised many. Al, a conservative Republican, seems to have sold the Bush regime down the river, however, the most notable reaction to Greenspan’s revelation is its absence from the mass media the day after the revelation. Not surprising as the entire issue of war crimes would rear its head and perhaps even earn disapproval from the moronic masses – but I doubt it, 'there is nothing new under the sun;’ today’s masses are no different to the mindless morons of the past.

Ruling elites are aware that shock, violence and/or intolerable ‘discomfort’ are required to move the masses in a particular direction. ‘Soap boxes’ are for losers -- 9/11, anthrax letters and dirty nukes guarantee social compliance!

In other words, the comfort zone of a population must be exceeded prior to effecting any major social change – Leo Strauss was not the first to realise the enduring truth of the above social management technique, he merely updated it for application in today’s world.

Those who doubt the imminent final solution for the Middle East, Iran, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, I would refer to history. The only nation that has deployed nuclear weapons on civilians is America; the heartless indiscriminate carpet bombing strategy in Indo-China, which killed millions of civilians, was an American ‘innovation;’ the civilian death toll in Iraq now exceeds one million but war criminals continue to scoff at accusers. ‘Comply or we’ll bomb you back to the Stone Age,’ that is heartland America talking!

Does anyone really doubt continued aggression from this failing empire? China has acquired through DIPLOMATIC means, what America has failed to secure by military means.

Only fools and the uninformed believe that leopards change their spots. Prior to Bush leaving the Whitehouse America must pursue the only option it has, expect the worst.

This time ‘shock and awe’ is guaranteed.

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