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APEC Chess, your move!
by Captain Saturday, Sep 8 2007, 4:40pm
international / peace/war / commentary

As is usual in political summits it is that which remains unsaid that delivers the ‘loudest’ message. The absurdity of it all is verified by the FACT that we live in absurd times! Ignoring the usual dull business deals of uranium, gas, various other resource sales and especially the ridiculous pretence of ecological concern sold to the public as “aspirational” pollution reduction goals (bunk) we couldn’t help but notice, with some mirth, new ‘temperate’ war strategies occurring among the superpowers.

Cheshire cat
Cheshire cat

America’s latest colonial acquisition, Australia, is soon to host even more US military bases the purpose of which is clear. These new bases are designed to monitor and target China, as America prepares for what it considers to be the ‘inevitable’ conflict with the dragon and bear – I might add that it is only neo-cons and PNAC lunatics who subscribe to war as a solution or a substitute for sound foreign policy! The reality is of course that no conflict with China or Russia is “inevitable” or necessary. [It is well known in diplomatic circles that the only aggressive superpower on the planet at present is America!]

So, appreciate the mad hatter’s tea party now masquerading as the APEC summit. Australia has very recently purchased billions of dollars of (outmoded) American military hardware, and thanks to the new bases, is about to become a nuclear target, all brought to you by the disgusting coward, lackey and US slave, John Winston Howard. The yanks are always relieved when they are able to purge unwanted military stock and sell the latest ridiculously expensive new hardware – the task is made easier if the purchaser is a cowardly cringer/slave and does as told!

Now consider the new status of China as Australia’s largest trading partner and Cheshire grins begin to form on the faces of analysts and commentators alike. As America prepares to strike China utilising Australian/US military bases, Australia’s entire economy becomes evermore dependent on China via HUGE resource sales – conflict of interests some might say, but in today’s world it’s just par for the course (to increasing levels of insanity).

If the above situation doesn’t strike you as absurd or amusing the best is yet to come, courtesy of Russian president Putin. Prior to landing in Oz for the APEC summit, Putin dropped in on the Indonesian President to sign a new arms deal; the strategic stop-over in Indonesia didn’t go unnoticed by Australian conservatives and racists who are absolutely mortified by the ‘threat’ of 300 million dark-skinned Indonesians going on a rampage! Putin signed a 1.2 billion-dollar arms deal with Indonesia, which effectively neutralised any military advantage Australia (briefly possessed) from its American arms purchases. Furthermore, as if to rub salt into the wound of stealing a former US client, Russia agreed to supply the weapons and military hardware on credit! “Credit,” indeed scream the Aussies as their short-lived military advantage in the region instantly evaporates! Not very difficult to see who wins from these deals, and it certainly isn’t Australia or Indonesia.

We are all living in a fool’s paradise as long as America remains steadfast in its determination to attack China and Russia in the (near) future.

A well-grounded Aussie would say, why bother? Or more appropriately, you’re all fuckin’ nuts!

[It hasn’t occurred to the morons in Oz politics as yet that Australia is perfectly placed to become the Peacemaker of the 21st century – that is a truly noble aspiration! Australia does not need to pursue the military madness of paranoid states; instead it should fully appreciate its present position and understand the principles of ‘balance and equilibrium.’ In any event, it is imperative that the negative politics of Howard and his conservatives is totally removed from the local political landscape – one step at a time!]


APEC fireworks display over Sydney Harbour -- public not invited!
APEC fireworks display over Sydney Harbour -- public not invited!


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APEC disgrace
by reggie Sunday, Sep 9 2007, 12:10am

'Never again' has become a popular grumble in Sydney these days.

The APEC talks in Sydney proved to be a public relations disaster for Howard and the Premier of NSW.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving pair.

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