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APEC: Sydney’s message to the World, “STOP BUSH!”
by Kingfisher Friday, Sep 7 2007, 1:38pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Sydney has sent a clear and hopeful message to the world during the APEC summit. Today, amid unprecedented police presence (oppression) and draconian tactics, usually characteristic of dictatorships, the people of AUSTRALIA demonstrated in steel-fenced Sydney and made known their sentiments regarding war crimes and terrorist States. The peaceful “STOP BUSH” march in Sydney has shamed the police state tactics of John Howard’s conservatives and Premier Iemma’s fascist ‘blue shirts.‘


Surrounded by police, water cannon, attack dogs and police helicopters overhead, the people peacefully made their way to Hyde Park protesting the horrendous crimes of Bush and Howard. The indomitable spirit of FREE and FAIR Australia cannot be extinguished by the likes of a cringing coward and American slave prime minister or the police state tactics of an Italian Fascist Premier.

Australia has fought long and hard to achieve the fairest and most balanced social system in the world and will not accept the unfair disparities of the U.S. system that Howard attempted to introduce. THE FEDERAL ELECTION DEMANDS THAT HOWARD’S CONSERVATIVES BE BANISHED TO THE POLITICAL WILDNESS FOR THEIR TREASONOUS POLICIES AND DESPICABLE TREATMENT OF WORKING AUSTRALIANS.

A return to the values for which Australia has become internationally known and respected is imperative. Howard’s divisive, racist, inequitable/unfair policies HAVE NO PLACE in this GREAT LAND. We invite any Australians who feel the American ideology of polarisation, hate, invasion and mass murder is superior to our universal friendship and mateship model, to emigrate to the USA – and we wish them all best in their new, dog-eat-dog, home of inequity and disparity.

Perhaps after some time insulated from the real world and international realities, American fear and contractionism may result in enlistment and active military participation in the killing fields and holocausts that Bush and his neo-cons accept as collateral damage in their quest to steal other nation’s valuable resources!

Numerous world leaders attended the APEC summit, however, the majority of protest activity was directed at Bush and Howard. Australians unlike their American counterparts are able to determine REALITY for themselves – it’s not too difficult to see the nose on your face, is it? Realities on the ground easily neutralise the lies of Rice, Bush, Howard and other criminal conservatives.

As thousands of protesters marched they shouted “shame, shame” at police who engaged in violent arrests; a total of 18 protesters were arrested from 5000 marchers!

Australians throughout the land need only remember the steel fence, attack dogs, water cannon, helicopters, empty prison transport vehicles and a sea of police to arrive at clear decisions on the type of government they NO LONGER REQUIRE! For all this ‘security’ at taxpayer’s expense, local comedians easily compromised security – shame, shame, shame!

The introduction of police state tactics has met with disdain from the international community and contempt from the local community.

Shame on Howard and Iemma for their un-Australian ideology and tactics. Shame, shame, shame!

We promise ANNIHILATION AT THE NEXT ELECTIONS for Iemma and Howard, and possibly war crimes charges for Howard and his senior ministers. The Iraq invasion has already been recorded by the UN as ILLEGAL -- and that decision was made without consideration of the subsequent civilian holocaust!



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