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APEC: the idiocy of major city ‘security’
by krill Monday, Aug 27 2007, 2:00pm
national / peace/war / news report

The independent press has just received an unverified report that a chemical agent, designed for atmospheric release, will be utilised by high level security agents FROM ONE OF THE PARTICIPATING NATIONS – no other details were forthcoming! Wind direction notwithstanding, a virulent chemical agent could have a devastating impact on anyone within its effective range. The likely source has been narrowed down to either Russia or the United States. In view of the severe pressure the Bush regime is presently experiencing AMERICA would be the most likely source of the attack. I would add that anonymous, unsubstantiated reports of this nature are usually made by mentally disturbed crank callers – perfect! However, the remote possibility the call is a legitimate warning would only serve to highlight the imbecility of holding this type of event in a major city.

Vacuum canister
Vacuum canister

Of course the ‘weakest link’ is always the exploited link and of course the weakest security links – and there are many – relate to atmospheric, liquid (water supply) and chemical toxins that could easily be released without detection. The perpetrator could be out of the city by the time any negative impact is felt! Most operatives from competent agencies would have no difficulty whatsoever completing this type of directive.

Few Australians are happy with the APEC arrangements, particularly Sydneysiders. Surrendering a major Australian city to a bunch of major polluters, mass murderers and marauding thieves is antithetical to Australian values.

Providing no civilian casualties occur, most Aussies would applaud an attack on these individuals. Only yesterday I witnessed a large 4-wheel drive (covered in outback mud) crammed with foreigners asking directions to city centre. It highlights the ease with which ANYONE could enter the country via our vast coastline, drive overland and leave again without any record whatsoever; CCTV is a very poor means of identification especially if professionals are involved!

A news bulletin just received as I write details the arrests -- for explosives offences -- of a number of individuals from a known problem area, South-West Sydney. The police were quick to reassure citizens the explosives were to be used for robberies, blowing safes and ATMs etc. Locals familiar with the ethnic group that populates that area are unlikely to be convinced by the police statement!

Protesters have incorporated school children in their ranks in order to compromise baton/trigger-happy authorities or over zealous security forces during APEC protests. No political party stands to benefit if school children or the public are maimed by the use of inappropriate weaponry or force.

In conclusion, I emphasise that all anonymous, unsubstantiated reports of the above nature are usually hoaxes; however, in the circumstances and in consideration of other real possibilities it has been released to the public. We hope that good sense will prevail and that any canister-carrying spooks return home and tuck into some of mom’s (laced) apple pie – compromised missions are usually aborted!

Most Aussies are far from comforted by the ‘abilities’ of our illustrious (SIM card) bumbling buffoons in blue; a professionally planned event by a single individual may prove to be their ruin.

Vacuum cranium
Vacuum cranium

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