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Aussies eat shit and learn to like it: second rate citizens in own nation!
by blake Friday, Aug 24 2007, 12:19pm
national / peace/war / commentary

Fair fuckin’ go! It’s not enough we host a summit for the world’s mass murderers, major polluters and brazen thieves and have our beautiful city of Sydney delivered from our hands by a lackey Prime Minister and an Italian fascist Premier (riding his brand new water cannon!) But to add insult to injury, and as a final gesture from overlords to the serf population -- a fireworks display on Sydney Harbour to mark the end of the APEC summit will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC!


Well, that tears it! I have just taken ‘true‘ from her case. I didn’t fight in Asian wars to eat American shit nor did I fight to allow a lackey coward to deliver the nation to a foreign power.

Did I watch my mates die for nothing?

I never thought I would feel it again:

the sweat
the FEAR
the blood

crystal clarity and
the thump of delivery.

The cage door is open; the tiger is burning bright!

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