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High pressure water cannon for APEC
by gan Sunday, Aug 19 2007, 12:41pm
international / human rights / commentary

The NSW Premier, Morris ‘il Duce’ Iemma, has approved of the use of a dangerous high pressure water cannon for the APEC summit. This weapon has been known to blind by tearing eyeballs from skull sockets, but why let minor details like maiming the public interfere with a meeting of mass murderers, polluters and thieves, notwithstanding the assault on Australian values by an Italian fascist!

Italian Premier Iemma with George Bush
Italian Premier Iemma with George Bush

The introduction of such a weapon in a civilian context constitutes a very dark day for all Australia – a nation ONCE known for its civil liberties, free speech, social freedoms, egalitarian ideal and mateship.

The utilisation of this weapon is clearly an undisguised introduction to police state methodologies and social oppression.

An obvious tactic to circumvent these weapons of social terror is simply to protest guerilla style – choosing the time, place and method without prior notification. No one has ever succeeded in eliminating the voice of the people, have they, il Duce?

Defiant protester in fascist Chile
Defiant protester in fascist Chile

International protesters
International protesters


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'Down under' is right!
by hombre Monday, Aug 20 2007, 12:43am

Latinos in California mobilised 650K persons for a demo of solidarity and strength, OVERNIGHT!

The authorities were caught flat-footed, even so, the sheer number of Latinos pouring onto the streets ensured that police stayed indoors.

The French mobilised millions -- Thailand and Philipines saw hundreds of thousands hit the streets.

None of these demos obtained license or permission from the pigs -- and that's the way it goes.

Oz protesters ask permission from the 'man' to protest against the man! What is wrong with this picture?

Who would have imagined water cannon used in Oz? But its prob the result of being such well behaved little Johnny Howard permission-asking, cringing, protesters.

Enjoy the fruits of cringe and middle class protesting you bunch of lame aussie shits.

Perhaps a good water blasting might wake you up -- but we doubt it!

Your nation has been completely subjugated, principally because the spirit got lost somewhere along the apathy line.

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