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Global Warming melts Gods phallus
by sadh Monday, Jul 9 2007, 4:35pm
international / environment / opinion/analysis

The annual pilgrimage of thousands of Hindus to a cave deep in the sacred Himalayas has been curtailed due to the object of veneration melting. The culprit is global warming. Many religious Hindus view this occurrence as an ill omen and they may be right. Most men would be slightly peeved if they suddenly lost their salute to creation but the anger of a God in similar circumstances would know no bounds. A naturally forming phallic ice stalagmite venerated as a symbol of the proto-typical phallic God of death, destruction and regeneration/life, Lord Siva, has failed to form this year Amarnath cave is without its sacred object.

12 foot ice phallus, gone!
12 foot ice phallus, gone!

A phallic God without a phallus is no joke for either religious Hindus or the God himself. Perhaps the disappearance of this natural indicator may indicate that men have tipped the environment over the edge. The world will no doubt face the destructive power of Siva as a result a prospect few familiar with this God would welcome. Siva in his terrible aspect of Bhairava subverts all forms and destroys all life, only to regenerate it anew as Siva, usually depicted with a shot of sperm issuing from the crown of his head -- no God compares to the effulgent Siva; Osiris may be a possible exception. Dionysus and that pale imitation, Christ, do not hold a candle to the original the first God of resurrection/regeneration!

Siva destroys and creates entire universes, Im afraid that the arrogant, reprobate inhabitants of this speck of dust are doomed. The link below is one of many sources that introduce readers to the mythology of this God. Study it well, you may also conclude that his melted phallus indeed portends destruction.

Om namah Sivaya

Lord Siva
Lord Siva

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