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Legendary Oz broadcaster retires with a jibe, not with a whimper!
by barra Sunday, Jun 24 2007, 12:42pm
national / mass media / news report

After 55 years on radio and nine prime ministers later, John Laws announces his retirement. The current racist, war criminal, pathologically lying prime minister, John Howard, rang to congratulate Laws for his many years as a public opinion shaper and mass media demagogue [inferred] Laws responded, "I knew it was time to quit last week when I talked to you [Howard] and you called me 'mate'." Between these two men Laws’ comment needs no further elaboration.

Golden microphone, an anachronism
Golden microphone, an anachronism

However, it was hoped that Laws would have asked the ‘aluminium tubing’ prime minister to surrender himself to a war crimes tribunal for his complicity in the deaths of over half a million civilians in Iraq, nevertheless, a little jibe is better than nothing!

When all mass media organisations in Australia are loath to mention Howard’s complicity in the Iraq holocaust that fact roars in its neglect/silence! Laws, however, was controversial, the ‘cash for comments’ scandal and the odd broadside directed at homosexuals -- obviously targeting his arch rival broadcaster, the homosexual toilet loiterer, Alan Jones.

It seems an era has ended; the new breed of (contrived) ‘shock jocks’ are entirely subservient to their media mogul masters.

The free voice remains with the independents; we welcome your contributions under any pseudonym you care to choose. [An interesting neighbourhood; former NSW premier Wran, former prime minister Keating and John Laws, all within a hundred metres.]

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