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Laissez-faire Capitalism, Desensitisation and Moral Bankruptcy
by peptide Wednesday, Jun 13 2007, 11:09pm
international / human rights / opinion/analysis

Two events in particular typify the modern age, the exploitation or rather the reduction of poor, exploited and victimised humans as body part suppliers -- kidneys in particular -- and the vacuous, worthless celebrity of a no-talent, mindless, American rich girl whose presence in the mass media is constant. While millions suffer injustices, tortures and hardships, Paris Hilton is served for mass consumption; coverage of the horrific trade in living human body parts is avoided for obvious and shameful reasons!

Villagers display kidney scars
Villagers display kidney scars

The grotesque exploitation of living humans for body parts was once material for macabre sci-fi novels but today it is heinous reality! The ‘evolution’ of laissez faire capitalism and the ideology of individualism have resulted in the complete erosion of human compassion and respect. Affluent societies tolerate and indirectly encourage the trade in living organs without consideration for the hapless victims. Today transplant junkets are available to China, Pakistan, India and the Philippines.

Little consideration is given to the impoverished exploited ‘donors’ who are targeted by unscrupulous agents and lured to ‘clinics’ expressly built in impoverished areas to harvest human organs! Increasing numbers of villagers in these poor areas carry the large scars of kidney extraction operations. The inequity that laissez faire capitalism creates ensures a constant supply of organs from poor, exploited regions – capitalism equates with wealth for the few!

The human species has reached the nadir of all ethical and moral standards by not only tolerating this trade but by direct consumer participation -- what we do to another we do to ourselves.

When living humans are viewed as a source of ‘spare parts’ without any regard given to other human qualities, hell becomes our inheritance.

The social horror of this trade is highlighted by the absence of outrage/criticism from religious, moral and ethical leaders in affluent communities. In fact these leaders have consciously chosen not to focus on these issues as it might disrupt the trade upon which some of their affluent peers depend for survival.

The brave new world has dawned, one in which hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians are slaughtered for the sake of oil exploitation; a world where criminals lead nations; a world where flagrant crimes are tolerated by the people – a world that has sealed its fate!

Today Paris Hilton wept as she faced the consequences of her actions.

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