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HIV carriers not welcome in Australia
by nano Thursday, Apr 12 2007, 1:18pm
national / human rights / commentary

The grotesque and disgusting, pathological, lying coward Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard is cutting a comical figure as he flounders from one gaffe and blunder to another. Jumping straight from the ‘cubicle’ of support for a known racist and questionable character (Alan Jones) to the primitive, superstitious behaviour of stigmatising individuals suffering manageable maladies and preventing them from entering the country. Howard’s recent gesture of banning individuals with HIV is reminiscent of the all-male, ruling priest class of the Old Testament who banished women experiencing their menstrual cycle. Menstruating women once struck fear into the hearts of ignorant and primitive men – the primitivism of it all! Howard is exposing some extremely disturbing gender issues and phobias with his latest unenlightened attempt to manipulate Australian society.

The grotesque and disgusting, John Howard
The grotesque and disgusting, John Howard

The opposition leader Kevin Dudd, may correct his previous mistake of ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’ and capitalise on the screaming stupidity of a very desperate failing politician! But Rudd’s track record to date would indicate otherwise – Australia is cursed with inadequate and dotty political figures at present. Is there a REAL leader in the house?

Howard’s latest bigoted offering reeks of discrimination born/e of ignorance. Whether it is based on racial, ideological or medical grounds it is the phobia, segregationist and alarmist value that appeals to Howard. The failing Prime Minister exposes his very disturbing ‘little’, bigoted self by running ‘naked’ before the nation and the world – and what a grotesque diminutive spectacle it makes! Might we refer our national embarrassment to the 1993, Tom Hanks movie, Philadelphia!

We have nothing further to add to the following staff report from the Australian:

HIV-positive people should be denied entry to Australia as migrants or refugees, Prime Minister John Howard says.

While saying he would like "more counsel" on the issue, Mr Howard said HIV positive people should not be allowed to migrate to Australia.

"My initial reaction is no (they should not be allowed in)," he told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

"There may be some humanitarian considerations that could temper that in certain cases but prima facie - no."

Mr Howard said Australia already stopped people with tuberculosis coming in and this was why he supported stopping HIV-positive people as well.

"That's why I say prima facie, my position is no - although there can be some circumstances where there may be a humanitarian reason and under certain conditions for that to occur, but generally speaking - no."

Mr Howard was commenting in response to new Victorian health department figures showing the number of HIV-positive people moving to the state had quadrupled in the past two years.

He said he would look at changing the law to stop HIV-positive people coming to Australia.

"I think we should have the most stringent possible conditions in relation to that nationwide and I know the health minister (Tony Abbott) is concerned about that and is examining ways of tightening things up and I think people are entitled to be concerned."


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