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Blair’s withdrawal ensures Iran Attack
by nano Tuesday, Feb 20 2007, 7:54am
international / peace/war / commentary

Today’s sudden announcement of troop withdrawal by Bush’s poodle, Tony Blair, portends a grim future for Iran. Faced with ruination and possible war crimes trials, the tattered remnants of the coalition of willing criminals will no doubt resort to desperate acts in a futile attempt to fulfil their agenda and create further chaos. Instability and perpetual WAR is the ideology of neo-conservatives – have no doubt that America and/or its few remaining allies (Israel) will soon attack Iran.

Tony (big girl) Blair
Tony (big girl) Blair

Without intervention from Russia, China and Europe, an unrestrained America would plunge the world into a nuclear crisis by re-introducing nuclear weapons into modern warfare. Analysts, historians and social commentators are reminded of the paralysis, apathy and complacency of the world in the face of Nazi aggression, which led to the misery of the Second World War. The consistency of human nature ensures that history will repeat itself!

The credibility of the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, is also in tatters following his recent criticism of Barack Obama! Howard’s partner in crime, Tony Blair, has today implemented the Obama strategy of troop withdrawal from Iraq. Howard is faced with a monumental crisis and credibility loss as his very recent idiotic ranting and logic would label Blair an ally of al-Qaeda.

The world is faced with either arresting the psychopaths responsible for the greatest debacle in recent history or dealing with rampant escalation, mayhem, destruction and mass murder. Again, the consistency of human nature ensures that the criminals will remain unchecked.

Since day one experts and people of conscience have sounded clear warnings regarding the criminal pursuits of the coalition. As the world is plunged further into crisis and chaos the bitter harvest of inaction will become the food of the world.

It is only the beginning (of the end)!


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