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A Handful of Lunatics
by nano Saturday, Jan 20 2007, 6:05pm
international / social equality/unity / news report

As the world races to nuclear confrontation in the Middle East the mass media is remarkably quiet on the topic. What is the latest news from the Persian Gulf? Confirmation of the reported build-up of Iranian troops on the Iraqi border required. Kurdish, Turkish and U.S. troop movements are strangely omitted from popular newswires. Follow-up coverage is a thing of the past, what is the latest from the Chinese leadership? THE PUBLIC DEMAND TO BE INFORMED AS IT IS THE PUBLIC WHO WILL DO THE DYING!

Perhaps it would be preferable if the public targeted the media moguls and the puppets they support in Corporate controlled governments. Rather than millions dying for the criminal ambitions of a handful of lunatics perhaps the public should eliminate the minorities that threaten the vast majority. If killing is unavoidable reducing the death toll by targeting the elites who would lead us to a global catastrophe may be the prudent course in the long term; a supremely sensible option.

No red-blooded journo or reporter could claim a shortage of hot issues in today’s world yet we are given only morsels of news on the major issues of our time. It would appear that journalistic integrity has been compromised or the mass media has become the whore of today’s information revolution. Is it conceivable that the mass media has been reduced to a propaganda arm of neo-colonial powers serving only the interests of rich and powerful minorities? ‘God forbid’ the people should ever discover they are no better than sheep led to the slaughter!

Let it be known that a reversal has begun, no longer will we, the people of the world, allow our brothers and sisters to die for the ambitions of corrupt elites and criminals. Let this document be translated into every known language and spread to the farthest reaches of the globe. Let it sound a warning to the powers that we have had enough – your machinations are TRANSPARENT and your puppet leaders will be the first victims in any war you attempt to wage. The people of the world, regardless of arbitrary divisions, are united by their commonality. We renounce war and proclaim our common ground. We refuse servility and withdraw support for minority rule. Who would continue to divide and dis-empower the people?

Divisionism is death.

We are ONE.

[We invite everyone to share information that the powers would keep hidden – only from full disclosure are we able to discern the Truth!]

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