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Oz Minister’s Identity Crisis
by finch Wednesday, Jan 17 2007, 9:21am
national / human rights / commentary

The ‘Australian’ Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, familiar to the local population as an American apologist, stooge and lackey, appears to have lost every vestige of a national identity as he strained today to defend the illegal detention by the criminal Bush regime of the Australian citizen, David Hicks. Mr. Downer’s muddled and professionally unqualified statements regarding the mental health of David Hicks, after five years detention in Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, only serve to highlight his personal dereliction of duty and his traitorous attitude to a foreign power.

Alexander Downer: Portrait of a Sycophant
Alexander Downer: Portrait of a Sycophant

The Foreign Minister made the astounding claim regarding Mr. Hicks’ good health based on the opinion of a mysterious individual who he refused to identify. This mystery person apparently assessed Mr. Hicks’ state of mind then secretly presented his findings to the Australian Foreign Minister, who subsequently assumed the role of American apologist regarding David Hicks’ mental condition. [We would remind Mr. Downer that the ‘mystery’ regarding the criminality of the Bush regime and the illegality of the detention centre, Guantanamo Bay, has been solved!]

Any person who has suffered various psychological and physical tortures including sensory deprivation from prolonged isolation (solitary confinement) and severe restriction of movement, the result of unwarranted use of wrist and ankle shackles, could hardly be described as being in good mental health. In fact the mental health of Downer may be in question if he continues to make such ludicrous and unqualified statements in his futile bid to defend the failing Bush regime.

We would urge Downer, Ruddock and their cowardly leader, Howard, to try and remember what it is to be Australian; perhaps the shock of discovering a national identity may spur them to actually defend Australian citizens in need of assistance instead of defending their torturers! We would also remind the Howard lackey government that no other civilised nation has tolerated any of its citizens suffering tortures in the illegal detention centre of Guantanamo Bay.

It would seem that the Howard government is oblivious to the fact that most Australians find their actions highly offensive and traitorous. We hope that ample security arrangements will be taken in the future to protect those responsible for betraying our national values, ideals and citizens.

We conclude with the demand to repatriate David Hicks in order for his case to be heard in Australia. If legislation is required to effect Mr Hicks' repatriation then LEGISLATE – Philip (sedition laws) Ruddock is an old hand in this regard and may actually discharge his duties as Attorney General in a manner that SERVES THE INTERESTS OF AUSTRALIA AND ITS CITIZENS!

David Hicks
David Hicks


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David isn't well: Terry Hicks
by the age via rialator Wednesday, Jan 17 2007, 11:58am

From the age:

"Mr Hicks said he wanted to know who visited his son - something Mr Downer refused to reveal.

"If they say David is fit enough and there is no mental problems, then where is the assessment made by an independent psychiatrist?" Mr Hicks asked."

Full report:

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