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by finn Saturday, Jan 6 2007, 7:46am
international / peace/war / news report

Sunday, 7 January 2007, 1pm AEDT

A bulletin on Newsradio Australia, detailed Israeli rehearsals for an attack on Iran! Israeli attack aircraft are flying practise runs to Gibraltar in preparation for a (laser) guided missile attack on Iranian targets; the laser missiles would be followed by a nuclear strike in order to irradiate the target sites! Reference was made to the 1981 strike on an Iraqi target believed at the time to be engaged in developing WMD!

Israel stated plainly (lamented) that it could not succeed in the attack against Iran without international assistance!

News like this the world does not need, the perfect lunch spoiler. The ‘news’ report was broadcast without the slightest concern or commentary, imagine that! Would it be inappropriate to state that the news item indicates the world has gone over the edge, MAD, INSANE, seem to me the most accurate descriptions? But perhaps I have misinterpreted what was broadcast, so please correct me if I have erred! I would welcome this correction like I welcome a newborn child; in fact, I would celebrate the beauty and sanctity of life on earth and consider the whole episode a bad dream.

News report confirmed at 5:15pm AEDT.

The ‘news’ report was initially released in a coalition nation by the Murdoch owned Sunday Times! All references to ‘secret sources’ etc, are journo trade embellishments/tricks. The release was clearly planned and timed, especially when consideration is given to the miserable performance of coalition forces in Iraq and the extreme pressure that coalition leaders, particularly, Bush, are under at the present time.

The (unused) rushed delivery of 30 ‘bunker busters’ (tactical nuclear weapons) to Israel by the USA during the South Lebanon conflict seemed unwarranted at the time but today the murky machinations of the ultra-right forces of Zionism and the Washington neo-cons, become clear. The PNAC agenda (specifically Middle East domination) also adds credence to what would seem to have been a delay in plans; due principally to Israel’s unsuccessful foray against Iranian backed Hezbollah, in South Lebanon.

The nihilistic ultra-right ‘marches on’ (to oblivion!) Lessons not learnt from the known behaviour and profiles of previous megalomaniac, aspiring world dominators, promises to be exceedingly costly for us all. A recently posted article refers to exactly the attack outlined in the Times – how timely!

“Almost all the neo-conservatives have now departed the seats of power in the Bush administration and retreated to their sinecures at Washington think tanks, to plot the next war – on Iran.” [Originally published 5 January]

Regardless of the questionable articles of American Republicans our concern is with the continued inaction of the public in the face of escalating violence from known war criminals. History is witness to the fact that these types never cease their insane pursuits – the application of external force is always required! Never forget it was the failure of the German people to resist the Nazi regime that enabled Hitler and his criminal gang of sociopaths to wreak havoc on the world.

Failure to act against any nation or group of nations that even hint at deploying nuclear weaponry would lead to a calamity that would make the horrors of WWII appear as minor vandalism.



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Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran
by Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter via rialator - timesonline Saturday, Jan 6 2007, 6:50am

ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons.

Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear “bunker-busters”, according to several Israeli military sources.

The attack would be the first with nuclear weapons since 1945, when the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Israeli weapons would each have a force equivalent to one-fifteenth of the Hiroshima bomb.

Under the plans, conventional laser-guided bombs would open “tunnels” into the targets. “Mini-nukes” would then immediately be fired into a plant at Natanz, exploding deep underground to reduce the risk of radioactive fallout.

“As soon as the green light is given, it will be one mission, one strike and the Iranian nuclear project will be demolished,” said one of the sources.

The plans, disclosed to The Sunday Times last week, have been prompted in part by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad’s assessment that Iran is on the verge of producing enough enriched uranium to make nuclear weapons within two years.

Israeli military commanders believe conventional strikes may no longer be enough to annihilate increasingly well-defended enrichment facilities. Several have been built beneath at least 70ft of concrete and rock. However, the nuclear-tipped bunker-busters would be used only if a conventional attack was ruled out and if the United States declined to intervene, senior sources said.

Israeli and American officials have met several times to consider military action. Military analysts said the disclosure of the plans could be intended to put pressure on Tehran to halt enrichment, cajole America into action or soften up world opinion in advance of an Israeli attack.

Some analysts warned that Iranian retaliation for such a strike could range from disruption of oil supplies to the West to terrorist attacks against Jewish targets around the world.

Israel has identified three prime targets south of Tehran which are believed to be involved in Iran’s nuclear programme:

* Natanz, where thousands of centrifuges are being installed for uranium enrichment

* A uranium conversion facility near Isfahan where, according to a statement by an Iranian vice-president last week, 250 tons of gas for the enrichment process have been stored in tunnels

* A heavy water reactor at Arak, which may in future produce enough plutonium for a bomb

Israeli officials believe that destroying all three sites would delay Iran’s nuclear programme indefinitely and prevent them from having to live in fear of a “second Holocaust”.

The Israeli government has warned repeatedly that it will never allow nuclear weapons to be made in Iran, whose president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has declared that “Israel must be wiped off the map”.

Robert Gates, the new US defence secretary, has described military action against Iran as a “last resort”, leading Israeli officials to conclude that it will be left to them to strike.

Israeli pilots have flown to Gibraltar in recent weeks to train for the 2,000-mile round trip to the Iranian targets. Three possible routes have been mapped out, including one over Turkey.

Air force squadrons based at Hatzerim in the Negev desert and Tel Nof, south of Tel Aviv, have trained to use Israel’s tactical nuclear weapons on the mission. The preparations have been overseen by Major General Eliezer Shkedi, commander of the Israeli air force.

Sources close to the Pentagon said the United States was highly unlikely to give approval for tactical nuclear weapons to be used. One source said Israel would have to seek approval “after the event”, as it did when it crippled Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Osirak with airstrikes in 1981.

Scientists have calculated that although contamination from the bunker-busters could be limited, tons of radioactive uranium compounds would be released.

The Israelis believe that Iran’s retaliation would be constrained by fear of a second strike if it were to launch its Shehab-3 ballistic missiles at Israel.

However, American experts warned of repercussions, including widespread protests that could destabilise parts of the Islamic world friendly to the West.

Colonel Sam Gardiner, a Pentagon adviser, said Iran could try to close the Strait of Hormuz, the route for 20% of the world’s oil.

Some sources in Washington said they doubted if Israel would have the nerve to attack Iran. However, Dr Ephraim Sneh, the deputy Israeli defence minister, said last month: “The time is approaching when Israel and the international community will have to decide whether to take military action against Iran.”

Copyright 2007 Times Newspapers Ltd.

by reese - Saturday, Jan 6 2007, 1:39pm

5:15pm AEDT

Israel 'plans to attack Iran's nuclear facilities'

Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper said today.

Citing what it said were several Israeli military sources, the paper said two Israeli air force squadrons had been training to blow up an enrichment plant in Natanz using low-yield nuclear "bunker busters".

Two other sites, a heavy water plant at Arak and a uranium conversion plant at Isfahan, would be targeted with conventional bombs, the paper said.

The UN Security Council voted unanimously last month to slap sanctions on Iran to try to stop uranium enrichment that Western powers fear could lead to making bombs. Tehran insists its plans are peaceful and says it will continue enrichment.

Israel has refused to rule out pre-emptive military action against Iran along the lines of its 1981 air strike against an atomic reactor in Iraq, though many analysts believe Iran's nuclear facilities are too much for Israel to take on alone.

The newspaper said the Israeli plan envisaged conventional laser-guided bombs opening "tunnels" into the targets. Nuclear warheads would then be fired into the plant at Natanz, exploding deep underground to reduce radioactive fallout.

Israeli pilots have flown to Gibraltar in recent weeks to train for the 3200-kilometre round-trip to the Iranian targets, the Sunday Times said, and three possible routes to Iran have been mapped out including one over Turkey.

However it also quoted sources as saying a nuclear strike would be used only if a conventional attack was ruled out and if the United States declined to intervene. Disclosure of the plans could be intended to put pressure on Tehran to halt enrichment, the paper added.

Washington has said military force remains an option while insisting that its priority was to reach a diplomatic solution.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map".

Israel, widely believed to have the Middle East's only nuclear arsenal, has said it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport
by Eddie Barnes and Murdo MacCleod via rialator - Sunday, Jan 7 2007, 9:09am

Sun 30 July 2006

BOMBS destined to be used by Israel are being flown via Scotland only because the Irish government refused to allow them to land on its soil.

Scotland on Sunday can reveal that after the conflict in Lebanon began three weeks ago, Ireland turned down a United States request for planes carrying 600lb so-called bunker busters to refuel at Shannon airport in Co Clare.

As a result, cargo planes carrying the bombs, which the Israeli army is using in its offensive against the Hezbollah, are being flown via Prestwick airport in Ayrshire.

The use of Prestwick triggered a furious diplomatic row last week after it emerged that the US had broken aviation rules by failing to notify Britain about the flights.

That row is intensifying this weekend as two further American planes carrying 'hazardous' material to Tel Aviv land at the airport.

In another controversial development, Scotland on Sunday has learned that Prestwick is negotiating to allow planeloads of US military personnel on their way to Iraq to stop there.

A well-placed source close to the negotiations said it was bidding to take flights away from Shannon, which is currently used as a stopover for the bulk of the 900 American soldiers who travel from the US to the Middle East every day.

The American airlines which transport the troops through Shannon are understood to be reviewing their use of the airport, following protests in Ireland which have resulted in some of the planes being vandalised. The source said: "It could soon be the case that the Irish will say that they don't want these flights and, as a consequence, then we will look to get them."

The latest revelations are set to crush hopes among British diplomats that the row over Prestwick would die down following President George Bush's apology to Prime Minister Tony Blair on Friday.

One Irish official said that the bombs would never have been allowed on Irish soil.

The source said: "There is absolutely no way that we would allow munitions or weapons to be shipped through Shannon to a location where there is an actual war going on. We would not allow it. It is correct that we allow the US to transport troops to Shannon, but sending bombs to Israel is another matter and completely out of the question for us."

Opposition critics last night seized on the situation. Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond said: "It is highly significant that Shannon put its foot down and drew back from allowing the transport of bunker busters, which could become the tinder to escalate dramatically the Middle East conflict."

He added: "It is absolutely appalling that we should allow Prestwick to become a stopover to death and destruction."

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said the fact that more flights were now landing in Scotland was "adding insult to injury".

He said: "What price the president's apology now?

The British government should be pursuing an active policy of denying weapons of any kind to anyone in the Middle East who may be assisting the conflict in any way."

However, speaking from America, Blair defended the use of Prestwick: "We should just apply the rules in the appropriate way, which is what we are doing. What happens at Prestwick airport is not going to determine whether we get a ceasefire in the Lebanon.

"If what people are saying is that we should impose an arms embargo on Israel, or indeed on the US, I think that would be very curious indeed."

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed the authorities had approved an 'exemption' allowing the two new flights to land at Prestwick. The first, a Boeing 747 from Texas, landed at about 1pm yesterday for refuelling. A second flight is due to arrive today.

Residents and politicians in Ayrshire have voiced anger at the flights. The airport has been used by the US as a refuelling point for flights involved in the controversial 'extraordinary rendition' of terror suspects to countries where they are alleged to have been tortured.

A demonstration has been planned for today at Prestwick by anti-war campaigners.

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