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Close Torture Bay
by Cleaves Editorial Team - Cleaves Independent Publishing Tuesday, Dec 19 2006, 9:04am
international / injustice/law / news report

January 11, 2007 -- Citizens to target illegal Detention Centre

The world today is in no doubt as to the criminal status of the illegal detention centre of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The past three years have not only witnessed unprecedented assaults on the founding principles of the USA by the Bush regime, but also on international law and convention. The government of the USA is clearly rogue, a fact in which its officials delight. The contempt the neo-cons display for their own citizens is only exceeded by the extreme disdain they exhibit toward the international community. Each day that Guantanamo Bay remains operational is a day of unspeakable psychological horror, torture and injustice.


The rogue Bush regime makes a mockery of the Law and the founding principles of the United States of America. It has forfeited any right to govern or impose its perverse values on the citizenry of the world THIS IS NO LONGER A DOMESTIC ISSUE! We call upon ALL CITIZENS OF CONSCIENCE to unite and effect the closure of the horrendous torture centre known as GUANTANAMO BAY!

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