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Mixed Bag
by various Tuesday, Oct 31 2006, 5:48pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

An assortment from various sources.

megaphone -- BANKSY
megaphone -- BANKSY

War is the Answer (Ode to ‘democracy’)

Give me your poor, your tired, your hungry,
I’ll piss on ‘em, rape and kill ‘em
That’s what your statutes of bigotry mean
Bomb ‘em back to the stone age
and devastate their lands is really what
your democracy means.

White Heat

Do u know what its like?
the jungle drum
screaming steel
searing heat

the ‘thump’ the ‘beat’
do you know?

The tribe, the gang, the skin
REAL bruvas
not piss-weak friends
blood bruvas
not lip-service friends

Hear yr blood
pump thru yr veins

can You hear it,
can You feel it?

Roar, roaring rage
Blinding rage
can YOU feel it?

The beat, the thump
Can you BE it?

Boneheads lament
you ain’t got a clue
till ya
DO it!

the thump
the beat
the Roaring White Rage

jack bone


she moves
her body in unison
very greek (sophocles)
her hydrogen hair
transmitting a dialogue
her rear receiving replies.

dew freezes on her lips
honey suckle ...
poets disguised as policewomen
very blue.

expectations flit from eyes/thighs
tending (watering) nerves,
blooming glands &
mood symphonies

there's an orgasm
in her navel
branching, bearing
hard & tight
not like sly lightning
more like
working in the
coal mine.


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