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A Plutocrat's Nightmare
by jacob Monday, Jun 11 2012, 12:30pm
international / injustice/law / other press

Place yourself in the shoes of others less fortunate in order to gain understanding, compassion and perspective, my grandma used to say. I thought about it for a while -- the images that kept appearing were appropriate though clearly intended for others.


From illegal invasions, mass murder, occupations, pillage and plunder to legalized torture, constant surveillance and indefinite detention without charge or trial -- it is preferable that criminal cabals pay for their overt crimes rather than allow those cabals to inflict more horror on the long suffering, abused masses.

The natural order of things dictate that the much stronger majority deals with the weaker criminal minority, as the illustration suggests. We've done it before (very effectively) and WE can do it again. The ENTIRE system is rotten from the top down, a CLEAN SWEEP is required.

Celente slams Ron and Rand Paul and calls Obama half man, half woman


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