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Not a Question
by evo Saturday, Jun 9 2012, 12:50pm
international / philosophy / commentary

Minimalism attempts to deliver the greatest import/meaning/impact via the barest possible signifiers, for example:

What is unchanging, consistent and constant yet is in a state of perpetual flux?



This is a minimalist gem; it reveals the most profound truth by engaging the reader's creative cognitive process. Presented as a question it forces a creative response.

No long-winded philosophical discourses or semantic trickery to impress, confuse, seduce or obfuscate, just the plain simple truth which is common to all who understand. A shared truth appreciated by everyone is not a subjective phenomenon it is objective reality.

Yet the obvious and immediate seems to evade the majority of people. However, it is not the 'majority' that effects change or creates the new.

The Zen artists of China and Japan also achieved similar results.

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