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When is it Appropriate to Forcibly Remove Government?
by judd Wednesday, Jun 6 2012, 11:24pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Answer: When government's actions cannot be separated from the methods of organized crime and when its policies are not representative of the majority and are overtly destructive of the public interest.

A clear case exists for the removal of the Obama administration and most of Congress, which is owned by minority Banking and Corporate interests. Obama’s persistent criminal use of civilian killing weapons to summarily execute those now recorded on a special ‘hit list’ is reminiscent of some murdering greasy, whop Mafia capo attempting to eliminate his competition and steal their assets. Obama's actions constitute criminal gangsterism, PURE and SIMPLE!

Fortunately, the American Constitution provides legitimacy to the civilian population to remove any government that degenerates to this degree. However, it is clear that the timid, fear-ridden, uninformed American people no longer have the capability to stand up for their rights – does it get any worse than indefinite detention without trial or charge on suspicion?

The options available to informed and capable citizens are to legitimately take matters into their own hands and apply remedial, corrective measures. This is achieved by targeting the criminal minorities that smugly and openly commit and parade their crimes before the people, who they view with the utmost contempt.

Well, allow REALITY to inform MINORITY CRIMINAL elites that they are sitting targets, like ducks in a pond. Media ‘perception management’ tricks are simply not powerful enough to deceive all the people all of the time – Abraham Lincoln would’ve said that had banking interests not had him (and JFK) assassinated!

Soon the media will be forced to report stories of disappearing Banksters, CEOs, corrupt judiciary/other corrupt officials and of course, lying PUPPET politicians – ANYONE can have a hit list, not that we recommend unconstitutional criminal actions! However, some people learn fast, especially when their freedoms and hard-won liberties are threatened by BRAZEN criminals in power.

So I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I was a member of the criminal elite which has hijacked our government and our judiciary – 'legalised' TORTURE, what next? O, that’s right, indefinite detention -- wake up America!

There are MANY disillusioned, highly trained specialists in society today – it’s called ‘blow-back.’

Dead In The Water - The Attack on the USS Liberty


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