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Australian 'Public' Broadcaster becomes Government Media Outlet
by Cleaves Editorial Team - Cleaves Independent Publishing Monday, Oct 16 2006, 9:40am
national / mass media / news report

The Australian Public Broadcaster -- "your ABC" -- has been re-shaped to become a government media platform. The 'new' editorial policy is designed to curb the "perceived" bias in presentation, said Mark Scott, the new managing director.

For a very brief nano-second we all thought that Lateline would forego its role as the Liberal Party's mouthpiece -- but no such luck.

Multi-Kulti Art from Tijuas
Multi-Kulti Art from Tijuas

Former Prime Minister, Paul Keating sums up the changes in characteristic style,

"The only apologia for this brazen interference by the Howard Government is the new whispered word 'balance', which, decoded, means 'let's hear more from us'," he said.

There is an advantage in the ABC becoming a propaganda platform for government. The public could entertain itself attempting to discern the difference between 'opposing' political parties.

The public response will no doubt be more internet activity -- 'good one', Janet and Keith!

Independent Media applauds the decision; we all look forward to an increase in readership.

The policy changes to the public broadcaster follow hot on the heels of changes to media concentration laws; a corporate compliant Howard government effected changes allowing a greater degree of media ownership in fewer hands!

Limiting the range and scope of news, sources and outlets seems to be a high priority for the Howard lackey government.

'News' (information) concentration, monopolisation and State interference in media diversity results in widespread cynicism in the population. The history of Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany clearly indicate that media concentration and information control is a counter-productive strategy.

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