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Secure Web Search Alternatives to CIA/Google
by leo Tuesday, May 22 2012, 10:25pm
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A company that has betrayed the Trust of the people should not be supported

GOOGLE has earned a notorious reputation for unfair and shady commercial practices; it has been dragged before anti-trust bodies in the US and Europe on NUMEROUS occasions; it is also a known CIA 'business' partner. Its former CEO and CURRENT chairperson, Eric Schmidt, is also a BILDERBERG attendee; so we know where this company is coming from -- data mining, surveillance and unfair corporate practices with EXTREME bias!


Google favours some sites at the expense of others and in many cases it downright suppresses other sites for IDEOLOGICAL reasons. Furthermore, Google traces and records every movement you make on the internet for a multitude of purposes some of which are highly questionable.

It is an irrefutable fact today that GOOGLE is far from a benign, neutral, search engine. So for those people who wish to maintain their RIGHT to privacy and resent nefarious corporations forming business partnerships with evil, LAWLESS organisations such as the CIA, we would draw attention to VIABLE search ALTERNATIVES, which continue to maintain privacy policies and do not trace user's movements. However, if the need should ever arise, a facility for anonymous Google searches is offered -- all at the touch of a mouse button.

As a service to the public we happily refer readers to IXQUICK, which is rapidly gaining in popularity (for obvious reasons).

Everyone we have referred to the site has been extremely happy with the results.

After extensive trials and tests we are pleased to recommend ixquick to all our readers; conduct all your web searches privately, securely and with peace of mind.

If you value the right to privacy and take offense to nefarious, unfair corporate practices, disseminate this information widely.

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