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NATO Chicago Protests
by Captain Monday, May 21 2012, 12:20pm
international / social/political / commentary

It was heartening to see Iraq and Afghan veterans marching in Chicago with throngs of civilian protesters. Veterans made passionate anti-war statements before throwing their war medals at the NATO venue; "I choose life," one veteran exclaimed as he tossed his medals away. Who knows more about the injustices of war than those that fight it and the innocents unjustly affected by it? Obama and the war mongers have no idea of the horrors of war, which why they so easily advocate war instead of Peace.

We should remain vigilant and ensure that the fight and peaceful movement does not lose momentum. Successful protests are sustained movements not one-off events to be nostalgically discussed some time in the future.

We should not forget that Vietnam war protests were sustained over years before the protest movement achieved its objective of stopping the war. Hopefully today's protesters have learned from the past and will continue their fight until their objectives are realised.

The sight of Corporate puppet Obama and his puppet, NATO chief and war (Libya) criminal, Anders Fog Rasmussen, bathing in the in-glory of civilian killing warfare was nauseating to say the least; but elitists and social disconnects have no notion of broader community sentiments until a rope is tightened around their criminal necks and they are hanged for their heinous crimes! In the brief moment before the trapdoor is released they are able to reflect one last time on the criminal deeds that resulted in their trial and execution.

I wish to encourage and express a profound but simple truth to all men and women of conscience -- the revolution begins and ends with the individual. We know that all politics is local, in the same way all social change is actually personal change.

Populations that adamantly refuse to be ruled by criminals, rogues and murderers soon reform their respective societies. However, if no permanent change occurs at the individual level then very little hope of social change is possible at the social level.

R/evolution is a continuous process not spasmodic, intermittent events. All successful revolutions of the past were characterised by sustained, offensive action.

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