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NATO expands because it is UNCHALLENGED by (COWARDLY) Russia and China
by lux Sunday, May 20 2012, 1:11am
international / imperialism / commentary

That's basically the long and short of it. All the ballyhoo surrounding the clearly criminal organisation of NATO is of no major consequence; NATO will continue its criminal military occupations, murder and expansionism until it is challenged by a greater or equal force on the world stage -- THAT SIMPLE!

It is a known that the combined military and nuclear strength of China and Russia is equal to that of the West -- and is fully capable of reducing continental America and Western Europe to ash!

While citizens of occupied nations have little choice but to fight and rid their nations of invading, child-murdering NATO scum, the balancing factor unfortunately rests with COWARDLY Russia and China, two 'superpowers' that have a reputation for abandoning and/or backstabbing allies -- Yugoslavia and Libya, in particular!

In clear view of the current colluding reality it becomes incumbent on the GLOBAL population to directly deal with their criminally corrupt elitist governments.

After the PEOPLE purge their nations, hang the criminals and restore representative democracy, the WORLD would be able to peacefully and rationally get down to addressing the critical challenges that confront it. Imperialism is NOT a solution, it has been tried on numerous occasions in the past and has FAILED every time, but have the superpowers learned anything?

If people wish to live in peace, harmony and FREEDOM, they must EARN the right; all other responses, denial, apathy, subservience etc, result in slavery!

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