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A 12yo explains modern Reserve Banking
by stele Thursday, May 17 2012, 9:02am
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Though the video relates to Canada, it applies to any nation that is part of the global Reserve Banking system. Australia also had a national people's Bank, the appropriately named 'Commonwealth Bank' -- which was PRIVATISED by Labor Prime Minister, Paul Keating, who also dutifully floated our sovereign currency on Wall Street, thereby enslaving the nation to FOREIGN Big money interests!

Today, Australia's currency is a speculators dream and Australia is in enormous debt to PRIVATE Banks though Transnational Corporations make hundreds of billions of dollars in profits yearly from our very FINITE mineral resources.

You don't have to be a genius to work out the Carbon Tax was designed by Bankers (Goldman Sachs) and that undemocratic Juliar Gillard is another treasonous, elite serving Labor Prime Minister.

The solution is very simple, Australia; boycott all major (owned) political parties and install REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS to high office. Tax Transnational corporations according to the obscene profits they make and regulate or nationalise the Banks.

Return Oz and its wealth to the people and hang all clearly traitorous politicians that oppose the democratic will of the people and implement Banker and Corporatist policies (Carbon Tax) for the elite few -- you reading this Keating and Gillard, you treasonous scum?

It is that EASY to regain control of our nation again!

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