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"A just republic for all, Aboriginal sovereignty now"
by staff report via jarra - Herald Sun Tuesday, May 15 2012, 11:03pm
international / social/political / other press

Indigenous Australians seeking sovereign recognition [for two hundred years] have been forcibly removed from their protest site in Brisbane Australia. Onlookers witnessed heavy handed police state tactics with over 200 police deployed to remove a relatively small number of protesters. However, racist and socially backward Queensland, is known nationwide for its fascist police force and their numerous appearances in Court for murdering blacks and other citizens -- an Italian Australian was fatally Tasered 28 times by Queensland police!

Protesters solemnly flying the Southern Cross
Protesters solemnly flying the Southern Cross

Aboriginal protest sweeps Brisbane as police clear ‘Sovereign Embassy' from city park

PROTESTERS evicted from an Aboriginal tent embassy have marched to Queensland's parliament.

Only about 50 protesters remain after the eviction from Musgrave Park in South Brisbane this morning, which saw 31 arrests.

The group, which was making a statement about indigenous sovereignty, had been warned they needed to move on for this weekend's annual Paniyiri Greek festival, after occupying the site for two months.

Aboriginal activist Sam Watson wants to ask Premier Campbell Newman why 200 police were necessary to move the group on.

Some protesters say excessive force was used.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said he had asked the police to act, but only after a meeting with elders last week and after visiting the protest site on Saturday to warn an eviction was planned.

Parliament House is swarming with police officers and barricade fencing has been erected to create a thoroughfare for Queensland University of Technology students and City Botanic Gardens visitors to pass through.

A police escort led the march to Parliament House, ahead of a group with a banner that read: "A just republic for all, Aboriginal sovereignty now".

Standing outside parliament, with the Aboriginal flag flying at the entrance, Mr Watson called on the premier to meet with him and hear the tent embassy's concerns.

"Even in the face of enormous provocation our men and women, and non-indigenous supporters, we're peaceful," he said.

"There was no need for those 250 heavily armed police to be there."

The Electrical Trades Union, and the Builders and Labourers Federation offered their support, sending representatives to the protest in a show of solidarity.

Quandamooka woman and Together Union representative Valda Graham told the crowd Mr Newman was elected to represent all Queenslanders.

"This congress calls on the Newman government and the Brisbane City Council to respect the rights of freedom of speech," she said.

The group angrily shook signs that said: "Campbell Newman is squatting on Aboriginal land".

Supporters told AAP tent embassy spokesmen Wayne Wharton and Boe Spearim were among those arrested at Musgrave Park.

Before police moved in, Mr Wharton said it was an insult to suggest Aboriginal people should be moved on from their sovereign land.

" ... this is not a camp ground - this is a stand - by First Nation's people or embassies right around the country," Mr Wharton told ABC radio.

"Whether (people) like it or not, Greek Australia, or any other ethnic immigrants that have come to this country; this country owns us [the first Australians], we're fighting for our birthright."

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