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Oz ABC ripples over ex-Premier's advice to Gillard
by jarra Tuesday, May 8 2012, 12:49am
international / social/political / commentary


Have you ever seen such a thing in your life as three (Gillard, Bligh, Keneally) blind female Labor leaders?

Former NSW Premier, Kristina 'muffle' Keneally
Former NSW Premier, Kristina 'muffle' Keneally

Ex-NSW Premier, Kristina Keneally (if the Catholic mouth fits, wear it) recently gave unsolicited and open 'advice' to PM JuLIAR Gillard regarding the TOXIC Carbon Tax; that action has caused a minor media ruffle on Oz ABC websites BUT serves only to distract from the CORE ISSUE, which is what, you booze swilling Aussie MORONS?

If you wish to get to the bottom of any issue trace it to its source, so the QUESTION should be, WHO fuckin' designed the Carbon Tax and who is behind its promotion?? Answer: for easily distracted Aussie morons -- US Corporations (Enron) and, wait for it, bankers Goldman 'global recession' Sachs!! Well, whadiya know?

People forget how ERRAND BOY for Murdoch and the ruling elite, Kevin 'photo-op' Rudd, failed miserably in his efforts to sell the unsellable ETS, so let's give Julia a chance, thought the elite designers of this most Toxic, unnecessary Tax -- now remember it was Gillard who went on record for proposing a policy that would have enabled all local Corporations to snoop on the private emails and other digital communications of their employees -- who do YOU think that policy was designed to SERVE, the people or the Corporatists? Blind Freddy is beginning to see Keneally's mouth in action -- sorry, but I can't help sorting religionists of any hue, I mean cop this quote/shit from KK;

"The Government and PM need a game-changer. There is no doubt about that. The quarterback [yank football] has only minutes left on the clock. A hospital pass [selling the dump] leads to only one outcome: defeat. A Hail Mary [brainwashed idiot Catholic] pass at least gives a fighting chance at success."
Fair fuckin' dinkum, if the entire Oz population had a brain cell between them they may attempt to peer behind the political facade.

ALL western politicians serve minority Banker and Corporatist elites that play politicians like they play checkers. PUPPET POLITICIANS that run with banker/corporate designed policies are NOT the problem, they are the distracting symptoms.

If You seek change or real representation then eliminate the forces that DICTATE policy to puppet politicians, remember it was Rudd who said, 'once we win government we won't have to do anything,' meaning that all the big decisions would be made for him -- and as history records, Rudd did a stupendous job of living up to that comment!

Constantly INTERROGATE GILLARD about the DESIGNERS/planners of the CARBON TAX and then ask why she favours and serves elite minority interests at great cost to the DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY, the people that placed her in power. Then go and have another drink, you mindless Aussie, morons! Gillard's huge LIE notwithstanding, she has no mandate to implement any Carbon Tax or ETS.



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carbon Tax
by manny Tuesday, May 8 2012, 5:06pm

well said but ease up on calling Aussies "beer swilling morons" (as true as it may be).

what most people fail to see is that Australian LABOR is promoting the ENRON GOLDMAN carbon tax; in England it's that fucking Cameron and in NZ it's the Tories (I think it has stalled there, not sure).

Have you seen the latest issue of UNCENSORED theres the GREEK "I WONT PAY" movement which seems to be a little more active than static Occupy in the US, for good reasons it seems that it will soon apply to here!

the article is also hinting that the ANONYMOUS HACKERS will probably in time be found out to be supported or infiltrated by the CIA.

The article actually uses the line that just like "Al-Qaeda" turned out to be a CIA invention so will ANONYMOUS. Time will tell, tho even in the knowledge that the FBI turned one over, i don't believe it, just the usual COINTELPRO -- be on guard.

a bit like ASSANGE -- we all had such high hopes with him.

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