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Occupy Wall Street in a Sentence
by leon Saturday, May 5 2012, 10:49am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

'You are the ineffective, directionless 99%, they are the highly focused, effective 1% -- that's the REALITY!'

Isn't it about time the ineffective 99% became an effective 9% with a cause and clearly defined raison d'Ítre? There are PLENTY of appealing good causes to choose from - give one a go, dreamboats.

The situation as it stands is ludicrous; heavy police suppression of inactive, unfocused, passive protesters. If you're gonna get violently routed by police, make them pay a price by drawing the public's attention to a noble and appealing cause. The public will then know why you pose a threat to the status quo and may decide to join you. At the moment the public sees only effective police oppression -- a very bad and uninspiring message to transmit to the world, dreamboats.

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    Bored With Occupy - Class Issues Fade Along With Protest Coverage     John Knefel via reed     Sat, May 5 2012, 11:05am 

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