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The Spanda Principle or Divine Pulsation
by sadh Friday, May 4 2012, 12:15pm
international / philosophy / literature

Otherwise known as the Throb of Existence

I would not dare elaborate on these wonderful attached PDF texts, which form the basis of Kashmiri Trika Saivism, a distinct type of Saivism that was heavily influenced by the intellectual tradition of Chinese Buddhism. These texts constitute the ambrosia of Indian monist teachings while relating to the Indian Saivite tradition.


I would introduce these sublime and erudite texts, written approximately a millennium ago, by stating emphatically there are no Gods but (enlightened) man!

On the latest count mankind had created over TEN (10) thousand Deities/Gods -- a clear indication of the insecurity of the species. One simply need take a glance at the fiasco that was once free America to get the picture of a sorry species in decline; nevertheless, humans are always able to reach the sublime heights of infinite existence once they break free of FEAR and all constraining cultural prisons/value systems.

I dedicate these textual offerings to the brave few that have scaled the treacherous 'heights' to attain liberation and those that wish to take the challenge/journey.

Peace and Bliss to all.

PDF Document Spanda Karikas_1
PDF Document Spanda Karikas_2
PDF Document Siva Sutras
PDF Document Self-Recognition

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